Jedediah Bila with Patrick Bet-David: High Value Men

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Jedediah Bila with Patrick Bet-David. “Toxic” masculinity, The Matrix and Freedom.

Patrick Bet-David from Valuetainment speaks with his business partner Jedediah Bila about many topics, including current financial situation in the United States, social issues, personal life experiences and more.

Is there two Americas existing within one place?

Have you ever been to a restaurant that has a 45 minute wait where food is bad?

Maybe – Who? Name me one restaurant that is full all the time and tell me the food is bad.

The only people that will call a restaurant that is fully busy and losing are the people that are either competitors or former employers, those are the only people. Bring that to politics. Certain channels are always busy, certain channels are empty.

Florida is growing, New York is losing. California is losing people for the first time since 1851, Texas is picking him up. So why is that happening?

Why is people moving to Florida?

Because better ideas eventually win.

A person can sit up and claim that their ideas are better than somebody else’s, at the end of the day results are going to validate if your ideas are good or if your ideas are bad.

Are we two different Americas?

Can we coexist in that place, under a peaceful National divorce?

Let’s imagine we are starting a brand new country together, and it’s a brand-spaking new country. People are choosing what country to move to. If a mother wants to move with her kid to another country, what’s the first thing she is looking for? Safety, security.

So what does the country offers?

Define safe.

In regards of economy, tell me how the economy is. Can I do anything I want? What are the regulations? I’m creative, can I do art? I¡m a businessperson can I do to that?

Should women be in the military?

I wouldn’t want my daughter to be in the army.

Jedediah Bila speaks with Patrick Bet-David from Valuetainment

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