Exposing woke culture: Joe Rogan & Andrew Schultz

September 26, 2022 by No Comments

Not everything is black or white

There are some grays, right? Liberals and conservatives can agree on many things.

Talking about the left and right ideologies and extremists, climate change, gay marriage ending on the complicated human dilemma of abortion.

Joe Rogan & Andrew Schultz expose woke culture at the Joe Rogan Experience.

Insanely unhealthy people dictating health regulations telling you what you can or can’t do? That I can’t dine outside? Get out of here.

That’s the problem, the second you want to agree with one thing they will want to label you.

We all agree with something on both sides

You agree with something conservative and you agree with something liberal, it doesn’t matter who you are.

You will be both.

Sometimes Im conservative, sometimes Im liberal.

How far does that cult go?

You are a man on an island, and it’s hard to be on an island because both sides can be against you.

You have to all you become them. I don’t subscribe to that, I think you have to alwatys. say how you feel about things and look at it objectively if you can. Sometimes we are going to fail at that, because we will be in the moment or overwhelmed, captured or trapped.

At the end of the day we all want similar things.

We all want a peaceful society where your family and friends can prosper.

The problem is when people start infringing into other people’s freedoms. that’s what drives me crazy.

Who are you to tel people what they can or can’t do?

You don’t even have to agree, but a lack of rigidity.

Most human beings should say, at a certain point it’s a human.

There is a clip from Joe Biden in the 1980s when he said

Abortion should be legal and it should be rare.

Joe Biden

It’s always tragic, but it should be rare.

To have people on these rigid opposite perspectives..

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Joe Rogan talks to Andrew Schultz about woke culture and abortion

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