How to gain energy from work

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Owen Cook

Gaining energy from work. Owen Cook’s wisdom from Hoh Rain Forest, Washingto.

Learn how to be very stingy with your mental capital and energetic capital – So that you are so overwhelmed with energy that you feel you are getting HIGH when you are productive. The advantage of this is that your competitors will just get destroy because they can’t keep up with you. Doing it it’s an effect that will happen by accident. It will eventually get to a point where you are at a club and you can just meet anybody there and you are fearless and you don’t get tired from meeting new people. You are respectful of people, of course. It will also get to a point where you have many out of box ideas and get so creative.

Connecting to the energy of life

Why? Because instead of burning all your potencial on garbage and now you are connecting to the energy of life, not death. As a result you get very creative and you wind up making lots of money. This is an upward spiral, you get more cash and a better social life, you get better things and you can afford things like supplements, better situations to recover yourself, more fun and it goes up and up and up. Do you want to learn how to gain energy from work? We’ll talk about it.

Become a high status high quality man, high quality woman, high status human person.

Here is some experience advice from going out to bars and clubs constantly, almost every single day – working on meeting people, working on being more social.

I also did a lot of daytime environments too, basically just socializing non-stop – and from that I got the ideas I will teach you think and that you can use them for work.

As I’m doing this I’m training my mind.

I try to connect to that no ego spot on the brain, when I’m going out. I’m very much in the process itself, not so much the spikes of dopamine as I used to be. When I was younger it was about “having fun” good results vs bad results. Now it’s about connecting very deeply to that flow state.

Keep noticing what is keeping you in the flow state or taking you out of it.

For example, let’s say you had a social interaction and it didn’t go How you wanted. Focus on the fact that you stayed with the process itself. Focus on something funny about it, in your mind.

Find something about the process itself that makes you laugh. You have to het better at edeoening your connection to the flow state and removing your ego out of that process.

Start auditing when you are needing are sult and its’s making you lazy.

Life is about results.

You will see me I got these opposite viewpoints, since IOI always talk about results. That’s a paradigm of teaching. If someone is ok with the fact that their life sucks, you kinda gotta start smacking them.. but once you are in momentum you already initiated the car..

Results’ oriented is a good thing when someone is apathetic and lazy.

When socially it comes from a place of need is pushing away your results.

Public speaking should be as an offering, as soon as you are trying to take something you are pushing people away. At a lower level, saying – I hate the process of this, but aI

How to gain energy from work

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