Techniques To Reach Your Top 3 Goals Faster (Vishen Lakhiani)

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Successful Goal Setting

Vishen Lakhiani

Techniques To Hit Your Top 3 Goals Faster | Vishen Lakhiani

My first teacher was Jose Silva. He was a Mexican American psychologist. Jose was created of the Silva Method.

That idea was: To visualize your goals and to make positive statements about your goals when you are going into the alpha level of mind. The alpha level of mind is a rested brain frequency.

Alpha is a slower frequency. Jose Silva started to show here in America that this vague concept we call meditation it is an altered state we can use to spark coincidences, synchronicity.

Altered states have become a trillion million industry.

Accept Uncertainty

That failure is going to teach you something.

I met Michael Beckwith in Portugal. We were sitting down for breakfast and just started talking.

Michael is mesmerizing on stage. So many people in the world today is obsessed with the idea of the Law of Attraction, but it’s wrong. The Universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you are.

Law of Resonance

It is the Law of Resonance. The Universe.

My life started accelerating in mysterious ways. Thoughts became reality incredibly fast.

  1. Access Altered States of Mind: You must have a meditation practice
  2. Intent to serve – Make your life more than j ust you.
  3. Buil d acceleration, briong emotion into that that you are trying to bring forth into the world.
  4. Accept uncertainity – Understand that failure is ok. the point of teh goal is to move towards it and learn.
  5. The law of resonance – You have to be that which you want to experience in the world.

We will put all this together into a simple technique.

There are 7 identities:

Blissipline – You find great joy in what you do, work and play becomes one.
The most important thing of my life is to be blissful every day.

Immunity to Overwhelm – You’re no longer burdened by thoughts of overwhelm. Multitasking becomes easy.

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