Stop fighting your greatness (Owen Cook)

September 4, 2022 by No Comments

Owen Cok dropping wisdom

Have you ever noticed that if you are reading some trash, some pop culture.. it is very very easy to read that.

Part of it is that tehey make it short and easy to read, but part of it it’s because you know it wont make your life better.

but what if it was a book totally transformative… you are going to need to take a nap, even if you dont take naps.

Im reading this thing and I need to take a nap.

The two different ways that you can lok at this barrier is biological and spiritual.

From the biological standpoint, let’s say you start winning and winning. Once you ostartw inning, you will sttart hacving these several dates.

What will start happening is that the winner will ahave these options. It’s a very simple idea of evolution.

From that standpoint, we actually get afraid that we dont have the juice to backup all those options.

If I get all that attention I will be having all those dates.

From a spiritual standpoint.

If you read the books that would actually change your lfie , your life will look like a heaven in Earth.

I want you to understand at a core level the commonalities between:

Pop culture, drugs & gossip

What are the commonalities?

They give you a spike of dopamine and they waste your time. Shuts off your perception from the things that would actually help you. You can look at different communicators on social media, content creators etc. And you can actually look where they fit in the scale.

you can see it by looking in tehir pupils.

What they tened to laugh at. You can see it by the conversational topics that they go back to.

How present is this person. Are they in a high vibe or low vibe state.

You will see in the pupisls, is very very simple.

Somebody who is very empathetic and spiritually connected and you will have someone who is more sociopatic, mroe demounic.

Someone on teh far end of the high vibe spetrucm..

Someone dark ..

If the energy is pure positive and you kinda stabilize you are in thsi very present vibe. When you look at someone in the ey that energy is very steady. You are not hiding frompeople.

You are not kind looking away. When someone is enthusiastic and looking away..

Whats going to end up happening you will have very steady eye contact.

If you go into teh sociopath side they also ten to be very charismatic and grounded.

They actually gain energy from speaking badly on others, from the enedrgy of death.. you will be able to see that where they laugh at, where their conversations go.. needing to prove themselves a lot.

It’s very much what they can take but not what they can give.

They are very grounded on the physical.

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