Steve Harvey and Grant Cardone talk about mindset, money and success

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Steve Harvey talks with Grant Cardone

Success Talks

10x Growth conference

Part of your calling, part of my calling is to spread the good news…

My whole mission is. I’m an expert at one thing. I’m not an expert at makming money, not an expert at investing money nor an expert on how to get money… But I’m an expert on mindset. I know how to get my mind set to accomplish just about anything.

You gotta get your “mind set” in order to accomplish anything.

first you got to come anywhere with an open mind you’ve got to be open to receive because see you you know there’s a scripture that says faith comes from hearing not from having heard so you got to be in a place where you can hear the information and it may be something that you’ve heard over and over and over in your life but when you hear it out a particular time at a particular place that’s what clicks to switch for youthat’s why it’s necessary sometimes you got to hear something over and over and over again or to click I remember all the stuff my mom and dad taught me when I was growing up I didn’t pay no attention to it but all of a sudden I heard that same message when I got older and it click it’s like BAM that’s it because I heard it at the right time and I had an open mind so when I had to open. mind I heard it differently and it changed my whole being and the repetition thing like you know did you feel like because you didn’t respond to whatever you heard the first time that your dummy or like you’re a failure or didn’t work or do you think those earlier times were actually jus preparation for the time it did work yeah right I mean look you’re not dummy if you don’t get it the first time yeah you’re not a dummy if you don’t get it the third time you become a dummy yo don’t ever get it oh my god there you’re gonna be so good that’s that’s your problem all right yeah I get it because he comes at a certain time everything happens in his time you know you can see a girl walking by in high school and you never notice her you saw her in junio high you never saw the subs her but all of a sudden you in the workforce an this girl has transfer and all it’s the same girl yeah yeah yeah what all of a sudden you see her now yeah oh my goodness how man times does that happen yeah and and that’s just the way it works man so it’s about the timing of it all you know the stuff my mother and father was trying to beat into my hard head when I was young I wasn’t ready to receive it even if I had got the information what was I gonna cry too yeah I didn’t have a business I didn’t have a family I was stupid I mean come on man you gonna take all this information and give it to a fifteen year old little stupid kid no for when I got 45 and I had all of the stuff I needed the message was crystal clear yeah and you and I are about the sam age so so you’re the last 15 years have been big game changers for you is that right yeah absolutely man absolutely so what would you say that the people there because I think everybody thinks Steve Harvey’s just the super-rich guy you know you’ve got all the phantom boy how many different roles you got now well I know I know you wer by matching phantoms for the wife the 1last time I was in Atlanta I’m like why would anybody do that you know gettin there gotta do something you can’t tak it with you so yeah but but like you you can’t take none of it with you but yeah deal man it’s it’s people look at me and they see one thing they have no idea t process yeah yeah I’ve been processed man that’s the thing I got processed so through the process I learned a lot of very necessary lessons

10:34now here’s a deal I’m still learning

10:37learning from you there’s some things I’m getting from this moment right her I’m learning from you I’m always an open mind to learn new things well what you gonna do man is you can’t let age be a factor why would I care the fact that I’m 62 years old why would I let that stop me from being successful or changing or growing at 62 you know Colonel Sanders yeah what exactly people he fried the best chicken in the world his whole life he didn’t get his first franchisee – he was in his sixties KFC yeah yeah who’s my fried chicken

11:19then anybody in the world

11:21hey everywhere they in Dubai Day in

11:24Africa this dude was in his 60s photo he

11:27got a franchise so why can’t we have

11:32that type of success you know ages ages

11:34not a parameter for success now I do

11:38believe you take a long time to make a

11:40lot of money you know you can’t just run

11:42out here and go you know in three months

11:44bang I will be a billionaire by the

11:46gulfstream this weekend yeah probably

11:48not gonna happen

11:49yeah but you can get the tools to get

11:51started so so look I think a lot of

11:54people think maybe Steve Harvey grew up

11:56rich and famous like you want to clear

11:59that up where’d you grow up and would

12:01you grow up with and did anybody hear my

12:04daddy was a coal miner my father made $5

12:08a day

12:09yeah five kids I was born in a coal mine

12:13in town in Welsh West Virginia I grew up

12:16the first time I flush the toilet I was

12:18five years old I never saw a sink with a

12:21faucet on it till I was five years old

12:23the first time I saw a toilet flush I

12:25was five I grew up country city I had to

12:28go back to West Virginia to work my

12:30uncles and grandfathers farm all the way

12:32up until I was 16 so I was City country

12:35city country I grew up very poor I

12:37flunked out of school I’ve been homeless

12:40I lived in a car for three years I got

12:43my first car in my name the first car

12:46ever put in my name was a used car and I

12:49got it at 38 I was 38 years old before I

12:53ever had a car in my name registered to

12:56me every car I ever had my dad gave it

13:00to and that was after he had put 280

13:04sometimes my yeah and and that was my

13:08life and my first car was 38 I wrote on

13:13a piece of paper when I was 10 I was

13:15gonna be on TV but you got to wait

13:18sometimes for things to turn out

13:21get on TV till I was 38 Wow so with my

13:25first TV channel bought me a car because

13:29then somebody never had I was living in

13:31one before that but I didn’t even own

13:33that and so you know I’ve been through

13:36all the ups and downs I’ve been in every

13:38economic level there is I’ve been poor

13:42but I’ve been it and I mean when you

13:45homeless man you ain’t got little enough

13:47so I’ve been at all the economic I’m

13:49doing really well for myself right now

13:51but I’m even still learning that part

13:52you know it’s things that I cuz I didn’t

13:55have a teacher you know I didn’t have

13:57nobody that tell me man when you make

13:59this much money you ought to do this

14:01with it I’ve been trying to figure this

14:04thing out man and you know people out

14:05here in Hollywood they not this is not

14:08the filius group out here you know they

14:09don’t they don’t come to your rescue out

14:12here in Hollywood that’s not what they


14:14hey Steve you need to be learn more

14:16about money come and sit now they don’t

14:18that’s not what they do they find ways

14:21to extract the money that you make but

14:23ain’t nobody sitting you down telling

14:25you how to get more nobody well man I

14:28appreciate your willingness to share

14:30your story and and your experience and

14:33what’s worked with you know for you I

14:35look forward to spending some time we’d

14:37be very generous for you with as busy as

14:39you are Super Bowl weekend because I

14:42think you leave me and then you’re going

14:44to do something the Super Bowl Saturday

14:45right is that live or has already been

14:46televised I do to interfere Saturday

14:50yeah and they tried to get me up to four

14:55go to Friday in the Thursday cuz they

14:57want to do rehearsals yeah but I said no

14:59I got a date with my buddy Greg Carr I

15:01don’t I got to go to Miami man we got it

15:03we got to shake some trees down there

15:05together we win a life-changing business

15:07with people so well I’ll be I’ll be able

15:10to do two gig anyway they gave me some

15:11leeway and then you said something to me

15:13the last time I called that we were on

15:15the phone together and it was really

15:16really I don’t exactly remember how you

15:18said it Jared maybe you can your your

15:20career is what pays the bills and your

15:25career is what you paid for yeah yeah

15:29your calling is what you’re made for and

15:32so people like yourself

15:35you have a colleague see you make money

15:38there’s nothing wrong with that but your

15:40calling is you have to teach other

15:43people how to do it

15:44see we have a responsibility you can’t

15:46get a big house up on the hill and then

15:49don’t tell nobody else how to get up on

15:50the hill you can’t do that man that’s

15:54not that’s not how you get blessed

15:55that’s not how this game really really

15:57works right so part of your call and

16:00part of my calling is kind of spread the

16:02good news of how it’s done and my whole

16:05mission is I’m I’m an expert at one

16:09thing I’m not an expert at making money

16:11I’m not an expert at investing money I’m

16:14not an expert on how to get money but I

16:18am an expert on mindset hmm yeah I know

16:23how to get my mindset to accomplish just

16:26about anything and so when I come down

16:29there to Miami man my whole mission is

16:32to talk about mindset you gotta get your

16:35mindset in order to accomplish anything

16:38now the particulars of what you do wit this mindset you want to grow tomatoes and try to become a millionaire that’s cool but I’m gonna show you how to get your mindset to grow these tomatoes to make these million dollars oh you you make diapers and make me there’s people

16:53couldn’t have make me I know it I think you make more money with the diapers than their tomatoes actually I don’t know you know I don’t really know but you know if I could let me tell you so great if I could find a way to make this money selling tomatoes and I could get off the radar and like go places that nobody knew me and you know leave on international waters and don’t pay taxes like some people I know yes that’s what I do yeah you can’t make money without being on the radar no man I can’t so he’s you know not much is required

17:30so look man I appreciate you coming down

17:32to do this I know what you’re calling

17:34it’s definitely my calling to help and

17:36give back and so I’m really you know you

17:40know just humbled that you’re willing to

17:41come down and do this I think this is

17:43gonna be the first of many things we do

17:45I’m planning this international thing

17:46and and every time we have some


17:49about I think about Steve Harvey how we

17:51can go to Africa together how we can go

17:54to Asia together we’re gonna do some

17:56things together man now you talk about

17:58that’s all part of the master plan 2019

18:01man for everybody can be the best year

18:04your life but you got to live your life

18:06in the expectation of that and I’ve

18:08already claimed in 2019 and you you just

18:11spoke something right there man we’re

18:13gonna go to Africa man we gonna go to

18:15UAE you’re gonna go to China

18:17we’re gonna go global man we’re gonna be

18:20the biggest thing out there walking me

18:22and you man evany and I mean everything

18:26and ivory motivational tool I’m not a

18:29free man you know which one am I well

18:32you Paul McCartney I’m Steve you got

18:34really you’re not really white valiant

18:37man I’m Italian I know a lot about

Tomatoes okay brother hey god bless you man can’t wait to see you it’s gonna be freakin phenomenal and and again I’m just humbled that you that you accepted our request to be part of this and and and truly I don’t do anything one time Steve when I find something it works I do it a thousand times hey man let’s do it I’m excited man looking forward to meet everybody down there man we’re gonna have a great time and we’re gonna change some lives let’s do it Thank You Man thank the three Shh I want you to have an experience that you will never ever forget we want to make this a big our goal is to change their lives this is what you have to go through anybody can be 1x or 2x to get to these

19:21multipliers I mean to blow the roof off

19:23for your life and career to 10x in your



19:28the greatest entrepreneurial conference

19:30on the planet and now trying to get that net slow we went from sleeping on an office floor six years ago it’s now running a multi-million pound business all from grants material

19:5210x your lives 10x the lives of the people around you give more than you

19:57take and I promise you you will get more than you ever dreamed of

Grant Cardona and Steve Harvey converation

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