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Habits of Successful People: Create Consistent Habits with This Trick

Great productivity hack, as told by Jerry Seinfeild.

Don´t break the chain.

Seinfeild told himself he was going to write one joke every day.

You will be able to see visually and keep track of your habits.

Jerry was consistent on his effort.

Successful hacks for productivity
Productivity hack

He was dedicated to his craft and he stuck with it.

Consistency is something that always pays off.

When you put that much time and effort into something, it comes out after a while.

One thing I learned is that no one is insopired all the time, no one is motivated all the time.

What sets those successful people apart, is the fact that they have that dedication, they aredriven.

It is so ewasy to check out when we are not motivated.

Even though it is just one joke per day, some days it wouldve been more.

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