Owen’s secret method to crush it and be happy

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Owen’s Secret Method

Be relaxed and happy at the same time while crushing it.

How to optimize for achievement and good mood?

Most people never do it.

How to optimize for achievement?
What would it look like to optimize for achievement?

How to optimize for a great mood?
What would it look like to optimize for good mood?

The past is an illusion.

Do some trauma healing and let go of it. Whatever happened happened, I gotta move on.

What you will notice in people that are empoverished they will talk a lot of victimization.

complaints and their major theme is “I am at the effect”. They feel at the effect. Ironically it is a bit of a chicken and an egg thing. When you are in poverty, you kind of are the effect. The problem is that you loop on that and you say you cant climb up either.

The only way out of it is to focus on the climb up. everyone in life will have challenges to different degrees.

Problems are subjective. Let’s look at what you see a lot in people that are poor:

  • Lots of complaining
  • Victimization
  • Being at the efect
  • Drug and alcohol comsuption
  • Domestic abuse and assaults
  • Trash-talking people who are not there

What happens as an example, when you trash talk people who are not present? You break trust with other people who you are trash-talking with. They will realize you could do it to them too.

What millionaire is going to look at a video like that and say: Oh , I should hire him

Yes, maybe you can have that initial fun of getting high, but while you are getting high , high level people probably don’t want to work with you. You will get that fun of talking trash or complaining but now you have burned your opportunity cost.

Action-taking momentum vs Excuse-making momentum

If you want something done give it to a busy person. That’s why they have control on their mind at a higher level than those who are not busy on a daily basis.

In many ways, in social skills, that ability to go up and say hi its actually a small victory that is building momentum towards larger victories because you are learning to control your mind.

The mind makes it hard. Whatever level of energy that you are at, whatever paradigm that you are at you r mind it’s going to choose.

It’s all so easy when you are in the right flow, right? Why? Because you shut down your self-sabotage.

Embrace discomfort

Embrace cortisol, embrace discomfort. The edge is the comfort zone.

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