Kevin Hart talks with Mike Tyson at Hotboxin

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Hotboxin Podcast

Kevin Hart, Actor & Comedian | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

It humbles you when your body starts talking to you. I just got back surgery. After Detroiot Lions week 7, sacked.

What’s the thing with stem cell? Natural rejuvenizer. Within sports is it allowed? What does it do to the blood? I don’t kkno wbut I know it speeds upu the process of healing and repairs the damaged parts to the muscles. That’s what it has to do. I don’t do anything like that. Anything to put in to your body to enhace, it scares me. Im not looking for size or to get bigger.

If I felt like I was missing something or needing more I would. Right now my new stuff that I picked up, Im a junkie for new habits or the “new thing”. My friend is really into cycling. Im the guy that if you tell me “let’s do it” I will figure it out, the proper way to do it. I have a Peloton bike, Im more of a rower at the house. So I started doing it , one day we went 20 miles, just getting into it, it was great,. Next day 30 miles, couple of hills. Today let’s do 70 miles.

You gotta know when you gotta know. when you are comfortable and uncomfortable. I don’t like discomfort just for me. I don’t want the discomfort that can come with something.

When you want to go a little insane, you go further. Me and my trainer we had it out, let’s pout more here max out. Why? What if I hurt myself? I think I’m extreme because, I look at it if God gave me all of this.

The biggest takeaway from Mike is the ability to keep it together. At a certain age these GOATs start to break down and fall apart, not Mike Tyson – says Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart

I get weird with the conversation of ego, says Kevin Hart.

There’s a high level of confidence knowing that you do what you chose to do right, or at a high level.

So many people think success is just fame. It’s not that, the biggest piece of pressure is the expectation.

Now that you are “here”, the biggest effect is on you.

What does that do to that person psyche?

Those mind-blowing moments what seems to be breakdowns is not, it’s dealing with life in ways you never knew it existed that way.

I need other outlets so I can feel creative.

I don’t need anything from people, I need something from myself. People can’t give me nothing. You are giving me the bonus, without the support you don’t get to these stages. At this point I got to give things to myself because I still have to get excited with the things that I do.

How do I not get tired?

That’s sitting down with yourself and saying “What else should I do?” That’s when doors start to open up. Look at my career, these are portals that I created.

What is success to you brother?

Success to me is making the dream that most don’t think is achievable, realistic.

Success is amplifying that a young black kid that had no idea what grass behind the house looks like, what an airplane or another country looks like. To understand that there is a time in everyone’s life when they will be able to go fulfill the dream to travel, the dream to be successful, the dream to apply yourself, educate or whatever. There is a lack of understanding that we can go get what we want.

“I wish I could”

For me, if and when set goals are achieved, little black girl or little black boy who has grown up in that environment, changes.

Kevin Hart talks to Mike Tyson at Hotboxin Podcast

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