How to win the mindset game

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Gary Vaynerchuck

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time (and any time, really)

Success according to GaryVee. Are you tuned in to the right mindset?

GaryVee speaks for over an hour at the Greator Festival Keynote.

Under 40? This is for you

What my high school friends and college friends say I was actually happier at 29 making $45,000 dlls a year than I am today.

The process of doing something you actually like is my greatest addiction, says Gary Vee.

The fact that I am able to wake up day in and day out, sleep easily for 7, 8 hours a night and wake up genuinely excited while always be prepared to grab my phone and know that I got a problem in my 300 person Singapore office, or something happened in LA…

I have plenty going on, but the fact that I do what I want to do enables everything to work.

One think I can actually speak on that fundamentally touches every person here is the relationship between self-esteem and insecurity.

All of the things you do are based on these two.

If you look at what’s really been going on to people for very long time. When they have been sold fear and they believe it vs when they don’t.

Why so few people have a framework of believing in optimism before protecting themselves in cynicism.

Why people lack patience?

I can tell you right now that the biggest flaw in their mental perspective is their lack of patient.

How many people here are under 50 years old? – asks Garyy

First of all, let’s clap up for the over 50 crowd that’s sitting and respect our elders.

Now, for the 90% of you that are standing, there is a substantial chance that you have not even lived your life.

For the under 40, given where modern medicine is there is a chance you haven’t lived a third of your life.

People sit stressed thinking they messed it up, they misplayed it. That blows my mind.

Sit down if you are under 40, 30 and under continue to stand.

For you suckers – I have this saying, I would rip my arm to be in your position.

For even to begin to deploy anxiety on your own self that you have not accomplished is completely unacceptable. You have literally the rest of your life in front of you, you got foundation.

If I was trying to give you advice, I will tell you to ENJOY, not go as hard as you should.

GaryVee Keynote: How to win the mindset game

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