How successful people think

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How successful people think


John C Maxwell

The one thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones is how they think.

Thinking for success can be learned. If you change your thinking you can change your life.

Good thinking can do great things for you. Solve problems, generate revenue and provide opportunities.

Consider some things you’re like to know about changing your thinking.

Change in thinking is not automatic. Good ideas rarely go out and find someone. If you want to find a good idea you got to look for it.

Once you become a better thinker, the good idas keep coming.

Change thinking is difficult.

The only ones who think thinking is easy is those who rarely engage on it.,

Thinking is hard work, and because it is so difficult you need to use everything you can to learn the process.

Change thinking is worth the investmenbt,. As Napoleon Hill said. More gold has come out of people’s heads.

Gold mines tap out, stock markets crash, real estate investions can go sour, but a human mind is priceless.

How to become a better thinker?

Do you want to master the process of thinking? You need to engage in an nogoing process.

Expose yourself to good input.

Good thinkiers always primer for idas, they always look for things to get their thinking started.

Read books, review trade magazines, and spend time with good thinkers. When something intrigues you, keep it in front of you, put it in writing and put it in your favorite thinking place to stimulate your thinking.

Expose yourself to good thinkers

2. Spend time with the right people, expose yourself to good thinkers will keep you challenged.

I love all people, I try to be kind to everyone I meet and I desire to add value to anyone i Meet. But the people I seek out and look to spend time with, all challenge me with their interactions. It is true about my wife, my close friend and te executives that run my companies.

If you want to be a sharp thinker, be around sharp people.

Choose to think good thoughts

3. Choose to think good thoughts. To become a good thinker, be intentional about tghe thinking process.

Make it a priority, remember thinking is a discipline.

Make sure you capture your ideas in writing.

Act on yoru good thoughts

Ideas have a short shelf life. You must. act on them before their expiration date.

I can give you a 6 word formula to success: Think things thru, and follow thru

Become a good thinker

Becoming a good thinker is not difficult, it’s a discipline.

How successful people think – Full audiobook (John C Maxwell)

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