Don’t lose hope: How ANYONE Can Have A Magnetic Personality

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How can anyone have a magnetic personality?

How to have charisma


Do you remember prior to the military what excited you? I can’t recall, honestly. So even as a kid you weren’t that excited?

This is an epic experience, very few people experience that. Now, at the most simple level, on a day to day basis. What else on the daily basis, in your current routine do you find really exciting. That you wake up in the morning and go… yes!

I got nothing for you man. Ok, do you got friends? I got a couple. Do you joke about stuff? A little bit. When was the last time that you laughed? When I was watching Earthquake, the comedian.

When was the time , pre-pandemic, with your friends when you laughed to the point of ?pissing your pants? laughing. Let’s go deep: How do you feel about the future? Life. Wen you wake yin the morning How do you feel? I gotta do ythis thing again. Do you feel very hopeful? No,m that’s why Im here. Do you have any big goals? No, I can’t recall. One more question and we’ll go deeper. Of anything went acording to plan right now, what would your life look in the next months , year.

See, you have goals. You got something that excites you.

If I wasn’t so stagnant. Im in my own way.

Think of this, there is a scale of transformation that goes:From apathy to grief, fear, anger, courage, desire, purpose…

From Apathy to anger, these are the competitive states.

Grief, it’s a level above that. I would… but” ” and you got million excuses. But there’s still hope.

That’s the difference between these two. Apathy no hope, grief there is hope.

Fear is the one above that. When .. Oh I want to but Im scared blah blah

Anger is like Let’s do this, let’s show them!

For you it’s a bit of grief because there is hope. Anyone in apathy wouldn’t even try.

  • Grief
  • Apathy
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Courage
  • Purpose

Step one is to put your foot down on that voice in your head I call WormTongue.

Julien Himself

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