Brainwash yourself for success and get rid of negative thought

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The Power of Thought

How to brainwash yourself for success and destroy negative thoughts.

Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu

Dr Joe Dispenza

It is a scientific fact that the hormones of stress down-regulate genes and create disease, long-term effects. Human beings because of the size of neocortex we can turn on a tress response just by thought alone. That means that our thoughts can make us sick.

If it’s possible that our thoughts can make us sick, is it possible for our thoughts to make us well? The answer is absolutely yes.

Welcome to Impact Theory, the goal is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will get you to execute in your dreams.

Joe Dispenza is a New York Times best-seller authors and one of the most sought-out speakers in the world. He has partnered with scientists across many disciplines for studies on meditation.

Mind-derived health optimization covered greatly on his book: You are the placebo.

He is a faculty member at the Quantum University in Hawaii.

He is also an invited chair in the research committee in Atlanta.

Please Heal, People vs The State of Illusion. Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Diving into your world and how you perceive the sense of self. The way that we form memories, it is really really incredible.

A habit is a redundance that automatic unconscious thoughts and behaviors are acquired by repetition.

If you thinking about it, people wake up in the morning, they begin to think about their problems.

Joe Dispenza: The Power of Thought

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