The ultimate mindset for success to socialize

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The Ultimate Frame

The ultimate mindset for success to socialize and pick up women at a bar or club.

Jeff Allen, AKA Jeffy, AKA Jeffy RSD, dating coach part of the Social Dynamics group explains it.

The most crucial mindset for success that I see EVERY weekend… once this clicks for you, everything will become light and easy and you’ll NEVER go back to the old ways of being.

Your time is valuable

One of the most crucial frames that you have to understand and. click in your ind, is the frame that you “care less” – You are cooler than the other person.

Please, give me some of your precious energy that you are using to attempt to enjoy your night as it unfolds… Please give me some of that energy to move up my energy. Of course that’s not openly said, it’s the vibe.

There’s this incredible loud music at the clubs.

I saw the necessity of owning the frame of : I am enjoying myself.

It’s very obvious, the vibe will be off, you can’t fake this.

You are living the moment, joking around having a good time with your buddies. So now instead of “weaseling” your way in, you are going to offer them the opportunity to join you in that middle space. I’m enjoying myself aI think you might like it to. Please, be my guest.

The most important mind frame to have

If they say NO, you are not even phased. It is the attitude of being collaborative and not competitive.

I got an advanced student who is doing 5 programs, taking advantage of the bundle. Those clients by the 5th they have high quality products. He has success every program.

Stop the neediness and you will get a better response, you need to change your whole mindset.

The Ultimate Frame

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