Surround yourself with successful people

October 5, 2021 by No Comments

Surround yourself with successful people

It’s nice to be in a room with other people who are playing at a high level. Who can elevate your level of thinking, who you can borrow beliefs from.

The mindset here is understanding or valuing the investment of time and money to be in environments like this.

Because as we know, most people in the real world don’t understand who we are. Hey man, whay do you do?

That’s like the worst question to answer, right?

The more you surround yourself with these environments, whether it is people or ____

A friend of mine, who I’ve known for ten years, he has been in teh space for like 20 years, he started off as teh typical speaker doing the circuit all across NorthAmerica,k the TV Shows, all that in teh surface makes him look successful… but he wasn’t.

He went to a period of years where there was a lot of self-doubt.

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