Learn to predict people’s behavior and psychically read people (Owen Cook)

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How to read people

Social intelligence

The wise Owen Cook with another gem of video, a great piece of content now for you to enjoy.


If you reached this site is because you are, like many of us, in your journey of daily self development.

Here is some of the transcript from the video.

It also comes down to predicting your own behavior. It’s a double edge sword.

I’m to a point where I can be at a seminar room and I can totally predict how the person ranks in status out of 10. Probably how many different romantic partners they’ve had. How much money they make, different beliefs that they have. I¡m a pretty good cold reader like that, I’ve got that for many many years, but in truth, there’s many people that are polished cold readers that can tell you things about yourself that will BKOW YOUR MIND. If you see me doing cold reading on people, is pretty trippy, it’s pretty epic… But in reality I¡m like a small frog compared to people who do this at a very very high level.

But I¡m going to teach to you my small fry level which is still pretty epic.

Anytime that I¡m looking at somebody I¡m brreaking down a couple of different things.

The first off is:eir vocal tone, their

Im looking at their eye contact, their body language, thell hat I can tei r vocal projection and their cadance. From that I can tell the sense of status.

A couple of different things:

  1. Is their voice projecting well?

If I¡m looking at you and your voice without needing to yell, not having it all tense and YELLLLiING over it which is crazy – But if i’t’s open and relaxed because you don’t feel under threats, then I know that you perceive yourself as having high status and being safe.

Likewise, I can see the cadance. Hi, How’s it going. Hey, How’s it going. Right?

Is it uptalk, neutral or down?
Usually a lot of people will hav a social backup, will be more hesitant to make freidsn with people because they have too many friends. So there is sort of a natural downtone where’s theres a little bit of rapport breaking because they got too many friends to keep up with, too man social alliances so it’s a little bit harder to make friends. So I¡m looking at that.

I’m also looking at changes in energy or cadance, which actually draws energy on you, and I’m looking at you congruence which is an alignnent in yoru thoughts words and actions. And that’s giving me a sense of if you are trying too hard or if you are owning where it is that you are at.

I’m looking at your eye contact. Are you trying too hard..

Are you looking away or is it a natural eye contact that makes sense?

These are basic ways that I can look at where your status is.

And from that

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