How to be social, Owen Cook explains human relationships

September 14, 2022 by No Comments

My core understanding on How to be social, Owen Cook.

Stop trying to get social results with just one individual person, try to get social results IN GENERAL.

Maybe you want to get better at networking. But for most it is about a romantic interest.

Have you ever had a feeling that if someone would be in your life your life would be complete?

When you meet that special person you cannot stop thinking of her.

What is it that you will always notice as soon as you feel that way about the person?

Ever had an experience when you became obsessed with the person… and it just panned out.

Couples are unhappy in many cases. I keep being with a person who doesn’t want me, i feel discarded.

So it’s actually a favor to other people to stop being so needy.

I gotta love them more”

If you can actually dial that back a bit a nd breath you are actually doing a favor to that person, but you gotta let it breath.

Ironically when you really really like someone you feel that the way to show that I care is to be totally committed to one outcome. but in reality not one single person.

I really like somebody, I think of them a lot, I imagine future scenarios, I feel disloyal because I want to be fully committed to one option.

How to be social, Owen Cook explains human relationships

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