Richard Dawkins disses Deepak Chopra

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Quantum Physics

Richard Dawkins vs Deepak Chopra

Richard Dawkins questions Deepak Chopra regarding quantum physics and quantum theory, calling it “jurgon”, a younger Chopra answers back…

In the middle ages healers would conjure up evil spirits or magical spells. Now in the 21st Century, ti seems they turn to black holes, and above all… Quantum physics.

Quantum theory accounts for the anomalous behavior of light and atoms. It’s astonishingly accurate but notoriously difficult to grasp. But Deepak Chopra, who once qualifies as a doctor has seized upon quantum jargon and applied it to healing. He claimed disease can be caused and cure by a shift in consciousness. To believe in a rock you automatically believing in God. Chopra has managed to become a one-man alternative health industry. He is worth up to $75,000 per lecture, and this era of self absorption he claims Michael Jackson, Madonna and Hilary Clinton as followers.

If you feel genuinely attractive, you attract other people to you.

Deepak Chopra

The great American physicist Richard __ if you think you understand quantum theory, you don’t understand quantum theory.

Isn’t Deepak Chopra exploiting quantum jurgon as plausible-sounding Hocus Pocus?

Quantum theory is a shift in conscious creates a shift in biology, that’s it.

We try to get into every aspect of the patient’s life. Their relationships, their hopes and dreams, says Chopra. Then we combine it with a ritual of deep meditation, massage and a lot of spiritual counseling, including the fear of death.

We believe many times the patients feel healed even though they may die from a disease if they learn to go beyond their personal fear of death. You can never do that unless you have a patient with a spiritual experience.

Where does the quantum theory come into that?

It’s just a metaphor. Just like an electron is an invisible unit of energy, a thought is an invisible unit of consciousness.

No, I think quantum theory has a lot to say about the observer effect.

Richard Dawkins vs Deepak Chopra

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