Andrew Tate reveals how he makes money and more

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Andrew Tate

Fullsend Podcast

Andrew Tate podcast conversation with Fullsend Podacst.

Right off the bat, the question is: How many girlfriends do you have?

I am a man of God, i son’t want to be put in this podcast…

Do you have a ranking system? Do you have a main piece, side girls? How does taht wrk?

I am a man of God. I readt the Bible I go to church. I can’t possibily answer these questions. SSee baby, I told you I was loyal, don’t worry about it.

Do you think it’s possible for a man to be loyal to one girl?

I think it’s possible for men to do lots of things.

I don’t think that if man were truly honest with themselves that they want to be.

i think men are loyal to a woman to try to inspire loyalty from her.

I only want to be with her, really what they are saying is I only want her to be with me.

If you could make a a woman be loyal to you and you not to her you would.

You might prefer her, you might spend 99% perfecnt of your time with her, etc, but in the longer timeframe.. for teh rest of your human life, if she is going to be loyal to you regardless, without any chance of backlash.. you are going to tell me for the next 50 yeasrs you are not going to F anything once?

So it’s different for mena nd women.

It is completely different for men and women.

If you are a man who has his sht together, a certain level of stay is .. You can say to a woman.. Look, i love you with all my heart..

Im in charge, because this is my life.. you are on the “Tate train”, we are headed to success station, I’m the one driving it.. if you are unhappy you can get off.

You will accept your Lamborghini breaking down because it’s hard to replace it.

If you look at a guy and say he is amazing at everything, I feel happy with this man. I can’t find another man on his level who could possibly replace him or fill a hole in my life.

Something he effs that btch, oh fine. You are more willing to accept it.

If you are a high status individual you get to get away with more, that’s human psychology as a whole.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate rose to viral fame after controversial remarks leading to him being banned on Youtube, labeled as a mysoginist by many.

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Andrew Tate Bugatti

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Women are also addicted to drama, that’s something you gotta understand about females. Women are addicted to drama, they are entertained by drama. What does a woman do in her spare time? She watches the Kardashians drama.

A woman will sit there and think: I need to relax, let me watch a murder documentary about a serial killer who chops peoples heads off so I get a good night sleep in bed.

To some degree, even as a man.. you have to instill drama in the relationship, because if you don’t she is going to get bored and either she is going to leave or she will instill the drama, which gives her control.

Girls like drama, they like to be entertained.

Andrew Tate Podcast Fullsend controversial conversation.

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