Why are you broke and poor? Alex Hormozi

October 9, 2022 by No Comments

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes

How They Keep You POOR! (Watch This To Become A MILLIONAIRE In 2023) | Alex Hormozi

Set an intention for the day, or for the night to the next day. Have an intention and act on it , as opposed as just reacting to the world. Most skills can be learned decently by 20 hours of focused effort. The problem is most people will take years to have that first hour.

Playing guitar, running an ad. You will learn more in those 20 hours than in your lifestyle.

I had all these stories in my mind until I decided to take action. It’s amazing, so many times you hear people say: I want to start a podcast, I want to write a book. You can create a one-page book and launch it and now you know the steps, and it’s not scary. You may not be good at it right away.

All these fears of not being enough, of feeling stupid.

You gotta love embarrasing yourself, the skills you will learn are so valuable.

What’s the belief? Why is it so hard for many people to make money?

How do I go from $5,000 dlls a month to $10,000 – How do we get over the overcomplication of making 7 figures as entrepreneur. It gets overcomplicated, but you gotta break it down in math.

Once you know the math. What is the math to get to the million? You have to sell something to someone. Consistency. If 3 sales means I sell one out of two people.

Getting rich is easy

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