Repogram your mind with THIS strategy (Dr Joe Dispenza)

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Hack your brain and mindset

Dr Joe Dispenza

People have to learn how to change their brainwaves to get into their autonomic neurosystem to begin to reprogram. The latest Research in neuroplasticity tells us we are not hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of our lives. The latest research in epigenetics says we are not doomed by our genes ,that in fact it marbles adaptability and change.

So as the person start to contemplate and think about who do I want to be when i open my eyes? What it would like to be happy? What it would like to live a new life?

The frontal lobe is looking out into the landscape of the entire brain because it has connections to the entire neo cortex, It’s gotta resolve the problem so it starts calling different networks of neurons that are relevant to the question, based on the knowledge the person learns or experiences that they have. Begins to seamlessly piece together this new understanding and that its’ called intention.

You are acting like a happy person because there is no mystery, you installed the circuits.

And then these people didn’t wait for their wealth or their health to feel gratitude and to feel empowered or to feel loved, a love for life. They began to feel those emotions ahead of the experience and their body as the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the experience in their life that creates the emotion and they’re emotion that’s created by thought alone. The body is believing it’s living in the future in the present moment. And the stronger the emotion that they felt, the more they are going to pay attention to the thoughts they are thinking, and now all of the sudden they are changing their biology.

When we get into the present moment, there’s a moment when you lose track of yourself. You forget about yourself and only in the present moment do you have access according to the quantum model of reality, to other possibilities. When you are truly in the present moment, the generous present moment that’s the moment when you are no longer living in the familiar path of the predictable future, and in order for us to change, I realize that we have to get beyond our environment.

What’s our environment made of?

People, husband, kids, bosses, objects, things, places.

Pure Consciousness

You have to get beyond your emotions, your body, your pain, your disease… And you gotta get beyond this concept of linear time. When we get beyond our body, our environment or time we become pure consciousness.

The most powerful strategy to reprogram your mind – Dr. Joe Dispenza

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