Meditation and Mindfulness with Sage Robbins

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The Tony Robbins Podcast

Sage Robbins

Your success is 80% your psychology – How to use mindfulness and meditation to priume your nervous system for Peak performance.

Skills are the remaining 20%

I used to think meditation was a waste of time until I discovered a way that worked for me, called “primeing”

1 month agoHere’s a quick reference guide: 5:29 START of podcast VIDEO 10:15 Tony’s first question: What’s your outcome? 13:48 Self-judgement & imposter syndrome 16:55 Try this for 60 seconds 25:13 STORY: Sage & Tony’s Full Moon Meditation 29:37 Profound Knowledge & Mind Chatter 35:38 The orchestra of life 39:08 Meditation is complimentary to religion 42:50 How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain 46:16 Oneness, Byron Katie & The Work 53:13 The Untethered Soul & the little voice in your head 1:02:05 Drop our defenses for a moment and notice 1:10:00 List of SAGE’S QUICK TIPS

Meditation & Mindfulness, The Tony Robbins Podcast with Sage Robbins

We experience what we focus on

Wherever our focus goes that is where energy flows.

Sage Robbins’ ability to stay at the center of things, traveling to 150 countries a year, I really want her to share it with you, and How important the subject is.

Meditation & Mindfulness, The Tony Robbins Podcast with Sage Robbins

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