Manifest miracles while you sleep

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Sleep Meditation

Manifesting miracles

Miracles are all around us. The breath is a miracle, the sun is a miracle your very being is a miracle. And when we wish to manifest more miracles in our life, what are we hoping for? Are there miracles beyond the usual. What we are hoping for are the surprise occurrences that can only be attributed to a higher power or to the mystery of the Universe.

We will open our hearts and surrender our minds to welcome more of these miracles into our lives.

My name is Jason Stevenson and I’m glad you have joined me here.

Before we begin, know that miracles are available to each one of us, no matter how spiritual or religious beliefs. Miracles are inherent to the Universe and each one of us can experience them.

To get started with this practice, take your time to settle into a comfortable, resting position.

At the end of this meditation you’ll be guided to sleep, so allow yourself to get as cozy and comfortable as possible.

As you come to rest, see if you can open your heart and upper chest as this can facilitate your energetic openness to receiving, and close your eyes if you haven’t done son.

Sleep Meditation Music

Take a few deep breathes and just allow your body to surface into the space beneath you.

Tonight we will take a visual journey into a portal of miracles to experience what universal gifts might be available to us.

Let’s settle both mind and body to facilitate openness to receiving such miracles.

You can start by letting your mind settle in an open flow of your breathing.

Notice how your belly rises and falls with each breath.

Stay in flow for a few moments and let your awareness settle into your body.

Slowly begin to scan the underside of your body.

Guided sleep meditation to manifest miracles in your life, by Jason Stephenson

Who is Jason Stephenson?

Content creator Jason Stephenson has been producing very successful meditation and guided meditation videos with all types of positive intentions.

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