How to break addiction in 9 days

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How to reprogram your mind

Addiction recovery

I think we’ve been programmed. It’s not a good or bad thing, it’s the way we have been programmed. I think behind any type of addiction there is an emotion that the person is doing their best to regulate. tLets say a person has been exposed to trauma.

When there is an event in our life that changes our emotional state.

The stronger we feel, the more alter inside of us, long term memory.

Long-term memory we remember because of the feeling associated with it.

Every time we remember the trauma we produce the same chemistry.

Our body doesn’t know the difference between the real life experience.

You are actually conditioning the body subconsciously to that person’s emotional state.

I feel empty, I feel frustrated… I don’t know how to change it. So they look for things in their outer world to fill it. Can be video games, p0rn, recreational drugs, etc

How to break addiction

I think there are degrees of addiction.

An addiction is when the body has been conditioned to be the mind.

unworthiness, frustration, anxiety… the brain creates the image of what needs to be done for that to o waywal.

here is the problem. In gaming, for example.

When you reach a certain level, or get points or whatever you are doing in a game you get a reward of dopamine. The problem is that the amount of dopamine into that short period of time is not normal.

This is way too much dopamine that Im used to process.

In order for the person to get the same feeling they gotta play more.

Overtime we start recalibrating those pleasure receptors to a higher level.

In the absence of stimulation the pleasure receptors have been hijacked at such a level that we can’t find pleasure anymore in regular things.

We’ve been kidnaped by the technology.

Here is the big problem. Learning should be a reward in itself.

But now, for more people they need a stimulus.

When you capture people’s attention you capture their energy.

It only takes 9 days to break addiction

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