How did Mr Beast become successful?

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Joe Rogan Mr Beast interview

How did Mr Beast become successful?

The Joe Rogan Podcast

Famous YouTuber Mr Beast visits Joe Rogan at the JRE Podcast. On this clip Mr Beast explains how did he became successful on Youtube, making videos. Enjoy and learn from this video, and find your way to the success you’ve been desiring.

Mr Beasts visits Joe Rogan, at the JRE Podcast – How did Mr Beast become successful?

Mr Beast is only 23 years old

I’ve been doing it since I was 11, and now I am 23. So basically every year it’s gotten crazier and crazier. I used to make a dollar a day. Well, the first two years I wasn’t making money on Youtube.

When I started making money I got a microphone, saved up for half a year and got a computer. I always reinvested. I was as awkward as they came, no money, no nothing… and I just. basically just obsessed about Youtube , every day for a decade.

Are those first episodes available when you were 11 years old?

Now, because I got a friend when I ws 13 that discovered my channel, so I deleted all the videos because I was so embarrased.

How did Mr Beast get started?

So what did you do when you got first started? What was the first idea?

The first video, weirdly enough, I played this stupid game and some hacker — my base.

So I uploaded it, and my first video got 20,000 views instantly, because all the people who played the game was like… wow you can hack the. game! The name of the game was Battle Parts, a very small game. And those 20 thousand views was the best thing that could happen to me and I was hooked.

Most people make hundreds of videos until they can get just one view and somehow the very first video I uploaded at 11 got like 20 thousand views, and then I fell in love – I’ve been hooked ever since.

So it was kinda almost by accident..?

Essentially. Cause this is way before Youtube was even a thing. No ones was even YouTuber, hardly anyone made money.

When did Youtube first launch?

Youtube was a thing but the partner program wasn’t really a thing, no one was making money. And it was definitely back before it was cool Now it is cool if you want to be a YouTuber in High School or middle school. Back then no one gave an F.

You were just scared someone would find and play your videos in class and made fun of them.

What was the vision or plan for success?

Was it a vision? Was it a sort of a gradual increase in numbers?
It was as slow as it gets. When I was a young teenager I was getting no views – says Mr Beast – I had no money, had no equipment. So for the most part I was just trying to scrunge money so I could buy equipment, cause I was using my brother’s old laptop. The first 100 videos I didn’t have a microphone. Once I was monetized I saved up for 6 months and I was just doing video game videos, I got a real computer, so I could now actually record the video game in high quality. I just kept going and going, trying to figure out what were some of the hot spots.. Essentially up to 18 I had been doing Youtube pretty religiously but I was making no money.

The turning point was when I graduated from High school.

Mr beast is one of the top most successful Youtubers at the moment. Such a great story of persistence, dedication and going for what you want.

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