Andrew Tate talks with Patrick Bet-David

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Exclusive Andrew Tate interview


Two very successful men from our times have now met to converse. Hot and fresh out of the kitchen, this uncensored lengthy 5 hour conversation between Andrew Tate and Patrick Bet-David. Yes, five hours.

Many topics are discussed including the recent “ban” Tate received on social media, the comments by Logan Paul and what Andrew Tate thinks of him, analyzing some of his controversial statements.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Many would call him possibly the most famous man on social media in the last past months, the most searched man on social, even aganinst Trump, Biden, Putin.. But recently he just got banned, at late August.

At tat time his Instagram account was growing 100,000 followers on a daily basis. What happenned?

Andrew Tate and the media

Trump got banned, Alex Jones, Mylo Yannopolis, Louis Farracon, Rob Kardashian, Kanye, Rihanna got banned, Chelsea Handler, PewDie pie was banned on Twitter .. so, Why did Andrew Tate get banned?

Nobody told me. They banned me instantly and forever without any kind of correspondence.

The media machine in synchronization with the ban came out with some BS explanation that I’m mysogonistic. But no one provided explanation.

Are you doing anything about it?

I do have a lot of things happening behind t he scenes, however – and maybe im becoming optimistic at my old age, but I believe in due course the social media companies will realize the mistake they made.

Assuming they are professional, they are analyzing this in real time and they are understanding how bad it’s making them look, nobody is buying that narrative.

So if I was a social media executive, I would go like: Hey, let’s be smart about this, we must be seen as fair noto as tyrannical. If they have any serious data and business professionalism they are now talking in dark rooms unerstanding that it has played out very badly for them.

Who as the first one to take you down?

Meta. Facebook.

I had a Youtube channel for a while, I got a strike on Youtube which preventing me for posting.

Corruption in Romania. Let’s do one by one. I said corruption is far more accessible in Eastern Europe. The reason I said that is because I was living in Romania full of beautiful people.

They asked me: Why do you live in a corrupt country?
Every country is corrupt, the whole world is corrupt. England is corrupt, the EU is corrupt. If you don’t think the USA is a corrupt country you are living in a bubble. I’d rather live in a corrupt country with corruption which is more accessible to myself. If you are – let’s say – husband of the Senator. If you are a single mother or single parent and are out there working a low wage job, you get a DUI and you are f’d up. People at the Elite do anything they want and nobody else have access.

Here is $50 bucks, I’m just going to drive straight.
Ok , cool.

Accessible corruption. To me, that’s a more appealing environment to live under than under a society where they will take a normal person and wreck him under the law.- Law and order, law and order.. when it’s BS anyway.

For me as a person, you say I’m a chess player. I have geographical freedom, I have financial freedom.. Why don’t I live in a society where I can have the most moves on the chess board. I have enough to live in some other country, that’s an intelligent chess move.

I can understand How that’s going to piss off certain peple, when you are explaining corruption and law and order. Where does jealousy and envy come from? Jealousy comes from people than no matter what they do, they can never be Tate. They can never ever.. He is not duplicatable. Non-duplicatable people like you are annoying to peopleā€¦ No matter How many motivational books they read, no matter How many videos they watch they cannot talk like you and tell the story, that rproduces lots of jealousy. Absolutely. Bucharest it’s statistically 25 times safer than London.

99.3% Christian is Romania, there is churches everywhere it’s highly religious., It’s just a different economic bracket. Humans are corrupt. Every single institution in the planet ran by humans. – which is all tof them -is corrupt. Financial, judicial, law and order, the monetary system. To sit here and think they are all just and fair we have learned that even simple things like medicine it’s corrupt from head to toe. Now we gotta look oat the chessboard and see if want to play the game on “cheat mode”.

That’s why they find me so threatening. Im teaching people to do exactly that. I’ve set up a life that makes me difficult to damage. There is no strength of mind or strength of opinion without strength of body. First you need to do is go train. You better go do something new, that’s the reality of Earth. I teach kids and young men this reality,

Do you think there’s wisdom in not saying anything you are thinking about?

I don’t think it’s the things I’ve said, it’s how many times they have been listened to.

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