Why you feel overwhelmed? Clutter

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From Clutter to Clarity

A great TedTalk by Kerry Thomas | TEDxAshburn

Overwhelmed. The word itself brings out feelings of failure and isolation.

It is also teh word I hear the most from clients.

Feeling overwhelmed is feeling paralyzed.

Shame, failure, fear and isolation.

In homes, businesses and relationships everywhere overwhelmed was become our society’s dirty little secret.

We fill everything. We fill our iPhones, we fill our storage units, we fill our minds and we fill our hearts with more than we can manage. We think that the more will lead to happiness but all it does is perpetuates the overwhelmed.

Because of this dirty little secret, the word clutter has exploded in our Nation’s vocabulary.

Files saved in your computer without naming so you don’t know what you have and spend lots of time looking at it.

What people don’t realize is that clutter is not just stuff.

It can be physical, mental, spiritual.

The physical clutter is the obvious.

Digital clutter are things like the 10, 20, 50 emails in inboxes.

Mental clutter can be fears, it can also be voices. Wether it is from a boss, a spouse, the news. Anything that bombard us.

Emotional clutter can be from patterns. Negative patterns that you don’t even realize that you have.

It can also be one of those “I can’t” voices.

I can’t quit my job and go on my own in my business.

Spiritual clutter is not talked about much but it can be caused from a lack of forgiveness. They can be the most subtle but also can be the more paralyzing.

Basically clutter is anything that is keeping you from living the life that you want to live.

It may not seem possible but all types of clutter have one main cause.

I have a wonderful friend, mentor and business coach, Barabra, and she trademarked a phrase.

Clutter is postponed decisions.

The physical stuff: You walk into your closet, if you can walk in.

Am I realy going to put the effort to lose those 10 poinds?

Am I going to clear my storage area to put them in bins and rotate by seasons?

Paper is a big one.

Digital clutter

You do the same with email that you do with paper: Just open it open it and don’t do anything.

I always had a very good handle on the first two, the physical and the digital clutter.

I didn’t truly understand how those affected you in your life so I got stuck.

In 2012 I has heart surgery. I was told everything was fine.

The year leading up to my story, my father was diagnosed with pancriatic cancer and my oldest son was hospitalized. My heart figuratively and literally broke.

I was out of the hospital in 48 hours, and even completed a marathon after heart surgery. But I was stuck. I had lots of mental and emotional clutter. Fears.

Why do I still need a nap every single day a year later

My emotional clutter was guilt.

Why am I still here and lots of people aren’t.

My house is very neat and clean almost all the time.

I had a client that was total opposite.

We became very close very quickly and one day I was commenting to hear that besides that stuff that was dragging her out she had a vibrant life.

I said, imagine what you could do without all this stuff weighing you down.

And then she zinged me: Look who’s talking.

You keep telling me about the ideas that you have for your business and you are not doing anything, you are stuck.

I don’t know what your postponed decisions are.

The key is: Make a decision.

Some are easy, some are grand, some re miniscule.

Every week Im going to unsubscribe to 2 sales emails.

Your clutter of any time is not a moral sentence.

Guilt is not going to help. Everything you do in these areas needs to be for you and for your sanity.

Change is a result of action, and action is a result of a decision.

You have the power, even in the mix of this horrible overwhelm.

Whether is talk to a good friend, go out and meditate. It needs to have an action.

Give God something to bless.

Do something, move forward. Make a decision, even if it’s tiny.

The universe will reward you with momentum

Ultimately, the quality of your life is determined by the decisions you make.

About your stuff and about yourself.

Do something. Move forward.

If you make those decisions along the way you will ultimately move from overwhelmed to what we all want: peace.

From clutter to clarity, the reason why you are feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed.

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