Todd Acamesis explains synchronicity

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Synchronicity Podcast

What is Synchronicity?

An occurrence of two events which are totally unrelated.

The true synchronicity would be an asynchronous phenomena where it’s probably something that’s taking place beyond time and space as we’re aware of it. People would say it’s a mystical experience itself. It can be very powerful. I think synchronicity is something that binds all of us across all levels of reality, it binds us together. I truly believe from all my experiences that wether you are looking at this from the perspective of other dimensions of reality where we have other beings who are able to communicate with us at this level I believe they use synchronicity to do that.

Synchronicity and nature of reality

I think synchronicity is an amazing tool, kinda like GPS, it is an amazing navigating system that can help us stay on our path or refine our path. Definitely synchronicity is a system to recalibrate us.

Why number? Why not colors? To be honest I think numbers is a phenomenon that has been verified by teh concensus. I think colors, shapes and symbols are also used but not commonly spoken about. Numbers are very apparent, we have clocks, mobile phones, on the microwave etc, it is more likely to experience something like that. Numbered street addresses. It happens in all kinds of ways. What is a common occurrence you see in people

A true occurrence of synchronicity is not we personally generate. It is something beyond this level of reality, in most cases. The synchronizations that are more common experienced by people is for example thinking of someone or a friend and walking on the street and then meeting them.

Synchronicity Walks

With the synchronicity walks here in London, it’s taking the uninitiated and really showing them… This is true magic as far as I’m concerned.

We can experience back-to-back synchronicities. As we talk people will get more high-level awareness of what’s going on. It opens people up, synchronicities take place.

It is good to be reminded there is something working behind our lives, because sometimes we feel very lonely and this is a reminded that there is more to the eye.

There’s a lot of philosophers in the past who have said: All roads lead to the same place. Do they actually lead to the same place? I think ultimately, for example when people talk about soul, I think we are dealing with one soul, so I think ultimately we are not islands It’s just what we are perceiving at any given moment. This is why the confusion in things like astral projection and lucid dreams. People ask: Are there one of the same thing? Your awareness is just shifting from point to to point within the same energy field. Whether you call the energy field God, The Universe. We all have four different labels for this stuff.

Synchronicity is our GPS

In things like synchronicity, is just showing you how creative The Universe is. I do think you could turn left when you could turn right. It is like GPS, we learn to trust it. If we make a mistake , if we just trust that it will recalibrate in a few seconds, it will lead us home.

If you are really meant as part of your life path to meet someone, The Universe will find the way.

How do you think people can connect to that? How to tap and tune in?

It’s learning to get in a flow sate. It is exactly the same as with the sat nav. You set the sat nav(GPS) and you don¡t try to control it every step of the way, do you?

It is control, what starts to get in the way of what we really are, more of a flowing state.

People tend to control every area of their life, they are so used to it and makes them feel more certain about things, but we need uncertainty too as much as certainty. Uncertainty is new experiences, the spice of life.

If you keep controlling and trying to control every area of your life, you will never experience anything new. It is the same with synchronicity, if you want to experience synchronicity you have to be willing to let go. You have to be willing to allow yourself to get lost to get found, and that’s what we do at these synchronicity walks.

When we roll the dice…

Difference between coincidence and synchronicity

A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. It has meaning to the person experiencing But we are talking about being at a place where the experience opens you ope as a can opener.

If I really want to experience the deeper real depth to this, I have to be willing to look at it with love. If I’m looking at my life, I¡m looking at the outer exterior of the world, and just seeing the effect level and not realizing that I can change the world by changing myself, then you stay stuck.

This applies to everyday life, this applies to people in any lever where they are in life.

If we are feeling stuck, if we are feeling isolated it is easy to say “change your thinking”. These are baby steps, you can’t do stuff all on your own you need help.

Todd Acamesis talks about synchronicity and nature of reality

Ascend Podcast, episode 118

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