Secrets Of Self Reliance: Stop Being Dumbed Down (And Losing Your Soul)

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Owen Cook

Self-Reliance secrets

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The secrets of Self Reliance: Stop Being Dumbed Down (And Losing Your Soul) by Owen Cook.

What is the number one way to destroy someone’s life?

What do we see with rich kids? When parents give them everything.

To whatever extent that you are self-reliant, did any of that come any easy?

No, it’s not fun.

For example I’m very self-reliant in marketing. Literally in marketing I had to train myself in that.

I didn’t resonate with that soeveer. I wanted to read fun book and fiction.

If there was anyway I could got out of doing that I would’ve.

The self-reliance, it’s teh fact that I can do it again. It’s about knowing that you are competent, it’s the self confidence that comes with being competent.

Learning marketing was incredibly mind-numbing. I run events that were scheduled to end at 11 PM and run them until 09 Am next morning. I don’t even need to be here right now.

It’s easy for me to say: You shouldn’t want those things.

It’s very easy for me to say that, and that’s why it annoys me why teachers of some high level ideas don┬ít help people.

The main point being is:

Stop being dependent

We need to be focusing on getting people off dependance, getting them to be self reliant, teaching them to have thick skin. I’m 40, I got X amount of years left.

If people want to be cuddled, do it. I have no dog in this fight. I need you to do this..

I do feel that peple have been lied to. They’ve been deceived by agenda-driving social engineering. It is terryifying, and I definitely want to make an impact in that.

Notice that I don’t get a self-importance from it.

Say we got everything in society being amazing, they it will go into a bubble..

There is no finality, only the joy and journey. There is just the journey, that is it.

Sometime that makes you want to progress, something you want to wake up to.

I put that in front of myself..

I view what I’m talking about here, the equivalent of taking a Rishi mushroom supplement. Having a reason to get up everyday is just generally healthy.

The world is going to end anyways, so you always want to have something to occupy your time, to motivated you. Just making a bunch of cash.. it is a cool thing to do, I think you should learn it.. but there’s only so much there that is going to be truly rewarding about it.

Most of my wealthy friends are generally very unhappy.

Some of my friends have literally armed security anywhere they go, and they are unhappy.

Say you became a Bitcoin billionaire, do you know how easy that is for someone to jack your wallet.

My friend Tai Lopez told me that..

Money is good but it’s only going to give you so much. Anyone in this room in a coping paradigm.. would say, ok sounds great , but how do i make rent.. how do I get a girlfriend etc

There is many levels to the game here. A lot of your friends are probably stuck at level 0 or level 1 and you think that is normal. Hold yourself to a higher standard.

You got a potential you have not tapped into.

I would encourage you to make a business and work out a craft, as a mental exercise, it’s like gym for the brain. BTW your mind is working too slow, your mind can be so much sharper.

You think to yourself, you are not your mind… and there is definitely truth in that, your mind at the same tinme is going to be different branin chemistry , your ability to recollection.

Who you are is remarkable how much it could expand.

The problem is because you hang out with people that they normalize that?

That’s the kind of message I will leave you with. There is more.

There is more

There is a lot more that you are not saying.

You have to understand that you are the newest version as a tail end of thousands of generations of wisdom built into you.

There’s things that you can tap into, experiences that will be really interesting. I think the ones you work for, they could be worth thinking sa s well, it’s something that you generated. You created that.

This is something you can gradually build up, and over time is something that you built yourself and you can recreate overtime.

Secrets of Self-Reliance – Are you domesticated? Take back your soul.

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