What is blocking you? (Sadhguru)

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What is blocking you? What is blocking your senses?

Do you know What is blocking your senses?

Sadhguru’s wisdom for success

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So what is it that is blocking you? What is blocking your success? What is it that is blocking your changes? – So what should I do? If I have to be receptive, what should I do? What is it that is blocking one’s receptivity? It is just that if you coat anything with too many things, you can’t feel it , isn’t it?

Take a moment to reflect

Right now, you are too much of a gathering, too many things have been gathered that you call as “myself”. First of all starting with your physical body; at least. Though there is considerable room to expand, physical body has some limitations you cannot gather beyond a point at least. If you gather too much collection time will come so. At least physical body, there is a limitation. But with a mental structure you can gather phenomenally, and when carrying such a heap on your head you wont feel anything. Specially if you start believing the heap that you are carrying is yourself.

The less you become, the more receptive you become. The more you become, the less receptive you become. Or in other words: You are too full of yourself.

If you reduce that, how can you not feel? You will have to feel. What should I feel, should I hear your voice.. please don’t? You wanna hear my voice put on a cd or something, if you are hearing voices you need treatment. It is not about hearing voices. What is being put into you in the form of initiation is a live process. IF you are not too full of yourself, if you sit here, it will constantly reverberate within you, always.

Clear space

So once there is a living energy within you.. all you have to do is clear the space for you, if you clear the space you will not miss it. If you want sunlight to come in, you don’t have to do any big fighting, just have to open the window, isn’t it?

Just look at yourself and see.. You may be a very smart man, or you o may be a very strong man, or a very handsome man, very something.. please reduce that, you will see you will start feeling. Or are you a very good man? Please reduce that.

Good people can’t feel anything, they become like goats. Good people can’t feel anything, they become like goats. because they keep on thinking — Im good, Im good.. He’s not ok, she’s not ok.. compared to this people Im such a good man.

You are too full of yourself. People who think they are good, they’re too full of themselves. Isn’t it so? Reduce that – Just understand your place in existence – You are like a spec of dust, tomorrow morning if you are blown away.. Suppose you just disappear tomorrow morning? Everything is going to be fine in this world.

You are not that special

Diamonds…. Do you know that ultraviolet light can evaporate a diamond.. Do you know this? “Diamonds are forever”, NO, DIAMONDS ARE NOT FOREVER.. Just light falling upon it , it can juts evaporate. Just ultraviolet rays touching in a certain intensity, diamonds will evaporate.

So that’s it, it is not a big thing. who you are, you can just evaporate with the right level of awareness. It doesn’t take any big fighting to do. There’s no big fight to do. Big fight is done because you are fighting with a crow bar. With a hammer if you try to break diamond, it’s a lot of effort.

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