Owen Cook: Smash every goal

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Successful Humans

Reach the goals you want

Learning goal-setting with Owen Cook.

How to hit every goal?

Owen Cook keeps it real dropping bombs of wisdom.

Here is $2,000, everytine I say hi to anyone I have to have $2K back.

I was doing things to continuously leverage myself. You gotta ask yourself: How can I put leverage on myself? This is what I want you to do. Get together in your group here, and talk to eah other about ways how you can put pressure on yourself.

Connect your pain around…

Here is basically what it is. Question yourself this;:

  1. What is it that you want?
  2. What are the consequences if you don’t go get it?
  3. How can you learn faster?

People that are successful put a huge premium on time. It’s all about saving time. They have a major MAJOR value on their time. They want to get good faster, it’s about speed and it’s about not wasting time. Now, going form there it’s also about not wasting money.

What do you spend most of your money on? Stuff.

People at a higher level investy in themselves.

You want to have urgency. Get aerodynamic in your thinking and behavior and looking for major leverage.

So we are talking about how to make money into the next couple days, that is also what you are looking for: Leverage, leverage, leverage.

Let me explain to you the results of this ok.

Im th ekind of person that.. I don’t necessarily in some ways mind just living teh regular life.. Just watching TV, eating a buscuit, you know, just sitting there.. I wouldn’t have a problem with that..

If I thought that was authentic in how we are meant to live I’ve be actually ok.

If I thought that’s how we authentically are meant to live.

But what Ive found in my life, in general, what Ive discovered is that life can get a lot better than that.

People at a low level they just suck in any crap that gets put in fornt of them. And that’s why corporations know… Let this land:

These people will lie to you so bad, because they know you got no attention span.

All of you already forgot what they did in 20202, none of you care.. Oh h I guess that’s over now. You just forgert.. and then when they bring it back you will go with taht.

And that’s the world taht we are living in right?

So what ends up happening.. If you watch politicians.. these people will lie and lie and lie.. and just say anything because they know they wont be held accountable for it. they know that people are just going to forget, they will say anything.. it’s insane. They realize there is no attention span.

How do you get the most compliant public ever? Get it to where poeple’s attention span is so spanned and they are derping so hard that they wont object to anything because they cant remember what they are doing.

The sad thing is taht I can come up here and tell you this and you will not hear it.

It’s really crazy.

So they know they can literally just put anything in fornt of your fade. They can make the nastiest burger that poisons you, put a clown on it and you will go OHHH, you will go and get it.

The most trash music, they can just buy the airtime and put it in loops… and you’d be like .. yeahhh

Think of all the trash you’ve read.

What George Leonard says in 5 Keys to Mastery, it takes 10,000 hours to Mastery.

Tony Robbins has all these great quotes, right? That’s how my seminar looks like.

There are several types of people:

The Dabbler

The dabbler starts and doesn’t finish. Do you have to finish everything you start? No, that’s not true either.

The Obsessive

Fine to put in the effort but won’t put in the time, eventually run out of gas.

How to reach your goals – Owen Cook explains

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