Negativity distracts you from your destiny

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Add positive energy to the world, says the great Owen Cook.

When you are being ren through your body or thouru your ego, ..

You can see why people say put god irts.

Basically a lot of things come to you to teach you over and over that you gotta keep God first.

You’ll see t hat being just connected to your ego has a limit tyo it and youll syaty to see what life is all about , adding positive energy into the world.

  • Approval
  • Control
  • Safety
  • Self-Attack
  • Attachment

Further degenerizing you every time, Approval.

Control, safety. When you are stuck in that mode of safety it feels good for a while.

Ironically the more you think of whats going to happen.

+Self attack, attachment. Any kind of attachment to the world looking in a certain way.

People as they get older they look really beat into the ground.

A lot of older people are kind of shut down and grumpy. A lot of it is this ongoing trauma impregnated from years. They are closed off to life very disconnected.

Keep connecting to cource energy.

What that means is that you enjoy the process of creation itself.

You can see the peace anad presence that coomes from that. You release this need for total control. You are learning to throw the sila up.

This is enterily a new set of muscles, you’ve been susing the “control muscles ”

You are learning to let go but you are learning the energy to move through you, you are learning this as a muscle overtime. I can remember being in my early 20s and having those experiences. and being so addicted to them trying to reply over and over again.

The challenges when you first learn to let go…

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