Meditate like this to change your life (Emily Fletcher)

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Emily Fletcher Meditation

Successful Humans

How many of you have already heard my story and how many have not?
Asks Emily Fletcher to the crowd.

Emily Fletcher found meditation about 10 or 11 years ago during the end of my Broadway career.

At age 8, I knew aI wanted to be an actress. I thought my whole life would be all sunshine and roses. Yes, I thought that my happiness would be on the next Broadway show, the next boyfriend.. I was in the I`ll be happy when” syndrome for about 10 years.

At 26 years old I started having insomnia, I could sleep for 19 months straight.

The worst you are the worst your sleep is, the worst your sleep is teh worst your performance, and it becomes a circle of anxiety.

Excuse me: What do you know that I don’t know? I meditate

Emily didn’t believe her, she kept sucking athery job, going gray and having insomnia. I liked what I heard at this trascendental meditation class. I was at a different state of consciousness and that night I slept for the first time in ten years. Then I stopped getting sick, I went 8 and a half years without getting sick. She stopped going gray I was legitimately going gray 10 years ago, most importantly I started enjoying my job again. I started performing at a level that I knew I was capable of.

Why is not everybody just doing this? I thought to myself.
It changes every single part of your life and it’s really easy.

So I left Broadway and I went to India for a while and I started Ziva Meditation, which is the best thing I’ve ever done. I don┬ít miss performing, I still perform in a different way.

I got a $120,000 dlls scholarship t hat I did not apply for.

That’s my story, now that it’s out of thw way. Let’s talk about the three Ms.

Mindfulness, meditation and manifesting.

Mindfulness I would define as the art of bringing your awareness into the present moment.

We all can do it at any moment. Just close your eyes, inhale and exhale.

That was a mindful moment, a mindful breath bringing our awareness into this moment into the now.

Most of the apps, most of the YouTube videos out there are teaching into what I would put into the category of mindfulness. Everytime you are counting your breath, visualizing your chakras, the waterfall…

I don’t think that nature makes mistakes. Why would nature have given us 50/50 if it wanted us to use 90/10?

We are thinking, we are taking action, we achieve we make money so we can be happy in the future. And right here our creative brain is like… ” I have an idea”

Emily Fletcher meditation talk video by Mindvalley Talks

Emily Fletcher talking about meditation and mindfulness for success.

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