Life Energy vs Death Energy (Owen Cook)

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Successful Humans

Endless Motivation

You will find that when you connect to the energy of life, of being present of play of joy, that will motivate you instead of taking on the energy of death, of taking everything too serious.

What does it mean to have motivation?

Ive spent my entire life to show you how to take the necessary action but most people do not do it.

I can show you social interaction. You are looking at me spending miliions of dollars on all this and hand it to you and you won’t still do it.

I get it that different people have different priorities.

We also do have a lot of success stories.

I want you to be on that bucket, I don’t want you to be on the bucket of low energy.

You can either have life being hard with no results, or have life being easy and get results. When it’s easy that’s when you get rich. When you take the easy path thats’s when life gets good.

The hard path is laziness

Laziness is hard,,thats the energy of death.

I want to get you from the dark to the light side of the force.

Somebody who I worked in years ago, he struggled getting self-motivated, i like him, but he really struggled. I feel that you should be thanking me daily for not letting you go.

A big thinking that I have is that if somebody is struggling I take them to the mansion and help them.

Finally, he ended up saying “I’m going to leave”. He actually got a job at postmates. He was a more happy person by having tahat $1 raise.

There is an energy of life and an energy of death.

The fulel becomes nature, becomes the air, becomes the sun, the giving,… the giving is the fuel.

The energy of taking is “I get this” What am I not getting?

That doesn’t mean not to receive, it’s about getting into that proper flow where you are giving and giving and giving.

When you are on this “taking flow” the energy of death, you keep thinking oh I just need a dollar.

The best clothes, the best friends,,, Im an adventurer, that’s something that Im able to do. What I cant do is pander to you every day and deal with your trauma and stare in your eyes and make you feel that you are not alone. I cant do that thing, but I can do this other thing.

Ive done years and years of socializing.

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