Jordan Peterson gets emotional with Piers Morgan

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Jordan Peterson: Incel Hero?

Piers Morgan Interview

Jordan Peterson cries at this conversation with Piers Morgan. That has been the viral headline, after a moment that happened towards the end of a great conversation at Piers Morgan Uncensored.

One of the most fascinating and controversial polemicists on the planet. He is a clinical psychologist, but has more of the status of a rockstar. He is loved, he is loathed but never ignored.

Jordan Peterson Gets Emotional

Here is the viral clip of this emotional moment from the great interview:

It’s very difficult to understand how demoralized people are, and certainly.

The clip from the moment Piers brings up the comments from Olivia Wilde and her recent film, talking about incels and Jordan Peterson being a hero for them:

Viral clip where Jordan Peterson cries while questioned by Piers Morgan

Jordan Peterson Piers Morgan Full Interview

Here is the complete full interview of Jordan Peterson with Piers Morgan that has gone viral.

We are also at a very strange place, a lot of high-profile women won’t say what a strong woman is, because they areā€¦ Brown Jackson a member of the supreme court, on her nomination hearing this is what she said: I can’t. It was a reviting moment, you are in the Supreme Court of the United States of America, a black woman.For her not to be able to commit to explaining what she things a woman is.

How did we get to this place? Where woman are terrified of saying what a woman is, and women who are saying what they think it is, noting the distinctions between a man and a woman, they get destroyed.

We’ve accepted this propostruous hypothesis that your identity is only subjectively defined.

The only people who think their identity is subject to be defined is 2 years old. Two year olds are egocentric, they can’t bring their identity in alignment to a social norm.

When you are three you learn how to negotiate a social identity. Identity then becomes of course it has roots on your subjectivity and biology.

As we are having a conversation here, to some degree we are renegotiating our mutual identities because we learn something from each other so we transform. We are also trying to figure out to some degree who each of us is in this situation, and we also try to learn can we play together towards some productive end, like an interesting conversation.

Jordan Peterson’s FULL emotional interview with Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan Uncensored Jordan Peterson exclusive interview brought to you by Sky News on YouTube.

This is the timeline:

2:04 Who is Jordan Peterson?
5:40 Jordan Peterson’s goal
7:13 Free Speech
9:45 Kindness
11:38 Cristiano Ronaldo situation
17:09 The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows
18:02 Responding to challenges
20:56 Why do young people feel anxious?
23:00 Masculinity in today’s world
25:46 Gender Identity
29:30 The Royal family and Queen Elizabeth
31:51 What does Jordan find admirable about England
32:25 Jordan’s best and worst traits
37:06 Listening
39:24 Biggest threat to mankind
40:12 Jordan gets emotional over criticism

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