How to stop being insecure (Looks, status)

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Grow your self-confidence

Owen Cook aka Tyle helping out.

How To Stop Being Insecure: Height, Looks, Money, Balding, Man Boobs, Low Status (Beat Them ALL)

Have you always felt very self-conscious about what other people think of you? Other people’s opinions?

On your looks, what you do, etc.

When I was a kid and I was getting picked on, no one was doing anything for me..

being always “on alert” about what people is thinking is a total train-wreck as it can paralyze you on crucial moments.

From being so insecure i often times end up positioning myself relative to other people.

Look at that general pattern, you are walking thru life.. think about how monopolized your brainpower, your mental bandwith is..

As I got older this got even worse. I can remember I was with my friend Julian—

I read online that because ..

Julian: That’s so cute, you think 5’8 is tall?

I started losing my hair at 20 , i began to realize that having a tan was a cool thing and that I was pasty white.

I then started to go to the gym but i could never get that body that i wanted.From there I started having other insecurities, and this went on and on and on.

Our society is starting to do a better job as far as helping people dealing with this.

What we are seeing now is that teachers and schools, we are even learning this at colleges are learning how not to get kids be “Triggered” or “offended” – It’s actually trying to be sensitive to their needs.

The idea of my son being at a school playground and being mocked and bullied is terrifying to me.

Because all your brainwave is locked up on being insecure, you are not in a position of saying thiongs that ar e cool.

So, the opposite is that:

You are witty, you are off the cuff.

What does it imply when you are quick-witted?

What it basically communicates to people, is that you are somebody of higher status. And when you are quick-witted.

I’m not going to buy in to this negativity. I’m not going to let you take me down.. don’t say that, that’s weird.

So basically you don’t say that, you JOKE AROUND. You don’t let it sink under your skin.

If you dont get trigger, if you don’t get offended, then people buy in int YOUR frame.

Think about the fact that new innovative ideas are not going to come out because of people will be afraid to hurt otehr’s feelings.

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