How to bounce back from pain?

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How pain leads to growth

MindValley Talks

Vishen Lakhiani

The second biggest gathering by MindValley Talks. Video filmed in 2019.

I like to travel, meet interesting people and then connect with them. Their way of healing the world, their methodology for healing. I’ve been meditating in the last year on two rules. I wanted to figure out: If I could sit my son down and explain to him, what are the two overriding philosophies that I’m going to make him to live life.

I am not talking about success, and society’s construct around it.

Transformation vs Learning

This is a very powerful idea that will help you grow.

My mom was the best English teacher in Malaysia.

I did well as a student, having a mom as a teacher meant you could not slack on your homework. Good grades were important for me but most of what I learned I later forgot.

That is learning, learning is temporary, transformation on the other hand is beyond learning and what is missing from our school education system. Transformation is the idea that you start seeing the world in a radical different way. All the beliefs instilled in you by your parents, later realize there are different ways of seeing the world.

Aging is optional, you can never go back to the old you.

Once you understand you can success in life through love and compassion you will not be able to go back to greed. You will never again fear relationships.

Transformation is what MindValley is about.

We just got invited to speak at Google, at Microsoft. We want to patch that gap in the education system and truly teach us how to see the world in a unique way.

School can teach you biology but they can’t teach you to essentially live to 150 by slowing down ages. School can teach you values in some ways but they can’t teach you to truly tap into your spiritual core.

How to syou spot transformation?

Transformation is initiated by two things.

Cause 1: Sudden disorienting dilemmas

Vishen Lakhiani – How pain leads to grow

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