How High Should Your Energy be When Meeting People? Hype or Chill Vibe

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You are probably stifled

How high should your energy be during social interactions?

Are you trying to weasel into their party or are you already having fun?

People are more receptive to the latter.

The person who is kinda the calmest guy in the room is always going to be perceived in a better light, than a guy who is kinda bouncing around, acting goofy.

It is a common misunderstanding when it comes to the idea of “energy”.

People mistake energy level with intensity.

You can go in there and you can have a slightly higher level of energy than them, the people you are approaching, but simultaneously be calmer.

You can be expressing or allowing a greater amount of physiological, psychological o remotional energy running through your being, and still be calmer in your demeanor.

They will still be able to sense that energy, you radiate that energy from your eye contact, from your attention element, your level of engagement, your presence, your movement through space. It really sort of just reeks out of your pores if you will. It suffuce through your entire being. And how are they able to tell this? They are able to tell this because they can sense there is a freedom from tension in yoour communication , evemn it seems a little bit calmer, it’s lacking that tension that characterizes people who are steidful, who are struggling or coping – Essentially, there is this freedom from tension, whereas a person who is incapable of projecting that energy without having to straddle throu these various internal blocks that they have – It’s going to be very obvious that they are staidful.


Thorugh all thos e means just listed..

The face, the voice, the body language, the eye contact, the movement through space.

They are going to be abviously steidfol.

The key take away key is that energy do not equals intensity.

You can have that slightly higher level of energy, and still be calm.

That is why I can go up to someone with just an extended hand and maybe a raisded eyebrow and I get pretty consistently good reactions from that.

Because even though there’s not a lot of overt action taking place in my behavior, what action that I am exhibiting is coming from a place of power, not from a place of tension entanglement resulting from this various inner blocks.

Tension is the enemy

How do I teach someone how to vibe? Largely it is physical tension

The quality of emotion is not really the issue here. Physical tension blocks are largely below your threshold of awareness because you’ve been practicing them for decades sometimes even. The impulse to oppress and repress happen almost simultaneously at the same moment in time.

Vibe vs Plot Development

Whether that’s negotiation, closing sales, getting romantic with someone.

What is vibe?

Vibe is good feelings.

Carefulness vs recklessness

The greatest vitality at any point it is through the ..

Don’t cling to one or the other, find that synthesis.

This whole debate or questioning brings to mind the power of mystery.

Not trying to change behavioral choice, trying to change behavioral capacity.

In exercise, practice what you can’t do, and in performance allow wehat you can, when appropriate. It is not about changing or dictating your behavioral choice, it is about expanding your behavioral capacity.

Interference control patterns result in a shitty vibe – Inexpressive face, poor body language – It is not compelling.

What energy level should you be expressing when you approach?

Whatever is congruent at the moment. Sometimes it sucks, but there is a great power in authenticity.

Jeff Allen, Charisma Mastery

Charisma Mastery is based on real world experience from the past 18 years. Face, voice and body language training.

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