From scarcity to abundance: 20 years in 2 seconds

September 29, 2021 by No Comments

Change your negative, repressed, frustrated mindset.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, it doesn’t mean you cannot improve your social skills, necessary for any kind of “success” in life.

Real Social Dynamics

Owen Cook on Youtube.

Original title: How To Smash And Get Money Super Easy – Stop Focusing On All The Nonsense

I’ve taught how to get good socially for many many years – Do you want 20 years of knowledge in the next minute or two? Here is what it is: Have good eye contact, body language and vocal tonality – You can work that in a couple minutes… if you decided right now. Be a positibve outgoing person, be a happy viber person. Walk up and meet a lot of people . Don’t be weird, don’t be defensive, just be chill. Entertain yourself with them. Tease a little bit so there is a little bit of a validation chase, and offer them somewhere better to go.

Boom! 20 years in 2 seconds.

  1. Have good eye contact
  2. Have good body language
  3. Have good vocal tonality


  • Be a happy outgoing/vibing person
  • Meet new people
  • Just be chill
  • Entertain yourself with them
  • Tease a little bit
  • Offer a better place to go
  • Repeat

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