Everything is going wrong? Focus on these 5 things

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Everything Going Wrong

Owen Cook

Everything is going wrong? Focus on these 5 things.

In reality, to live an amazing life is way easier than to live a crappy one.

The fort, the energy, the focus.

Realistically there are 5 things that will make your life amazing, there are not thousands,.

Do you want to be better at socializing?

Go out often, wash rinse repeat. Again, again, again, again, again..

The logical mind is like an octopus. So you’ll get it to where you are with somebody.. Ironically what do they tell you about a drug addict? A drug addict has to be allowed to hit rock bottom. At some point it doesn’t matter how they can ay the right things but if they are in addiction the.. Am I really loved? Or intimacy. You could rip your heart out and put it in this person’s body. it doesn’t matter. They are not addicted to the drugs they are addicted to the distractions. If Im with somebody we might live in a big mansion and having help.. everything around is positive, we remove the bad stuff. Even when you have all the money and the amazing life, you can spend 20’0 days traveling but will still feel miserable because you are in this trail of addiction.

Running away from the beauty of life, running away from God and just kinda trapping yourself. Noo, intimacy, the victim. There no way you can fix it, it’s always going to be this unfixable thing. You can spend millions, stare oin their eyes, have fine conversations.. it doesnt matter: Drug addicts. I’ve seen this, How have aI seen it? I am in the occupation of making people’s lives awesome

The problem is that the addiction is still there, still going on. You can help somebody who has not attended college to be a nmultimillionaire.

It’s the misweighing bias, it’s teh parade out there, and all that you can see is .. Understand that we as people are built.. Imagine that when you die, your soul will travel to where you resonate. So as a way to keep your soul to move it further and further away..

If you resonate with things that are positive. The beauty is not ultracomplicated. Real prosperoty is not doing 1,000 things.. its Understand how to do millions and millions in sales, understanding how to meet people.

I might teach you sarcasm or humor. But you actually have to focus to het it , Humoa and paradox are meant to draw you and keep you on the video. So you ened to give it in paradox or jokr or rythm. We want to be finding the best books, we want to be getting around the best people, .. we want to have the best health. Getting the best and prosperous is not about being miserable now. You are doing too much you are trying to make a

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