Deep Will Smith conversation ON PURPOSE

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Will Smith talks with Jay Shetty ON PURPOSE.

Unlock your true potential – Will Smith ON PURPOSE with Jay Shetty

If you have a difficulty with another human being, there’s some point of ignorance and some point of delusion that is keeping you from being able, on both sides. The problem is that you can only worry about yours, and once you clear yours and your vision gets clean and purify and you approach a person from a purifies space.. things get a lot much easier.

Will Smith
Unlock your true potential – Will Smith ON PURPOSE with Jay Shetty

I became really hypersensitive to emotional movement in a room, as a defense mechanism.

As I grew and as I staretd to develop that hightened sense started out as defense, as I settled down came to a deeper understanding.. my power and my desires in the world.. it was easier to connect with people in a loving way.

It transitioned from a defense mechanism into a love for people.

Our childhood experiences from our adult desires – Jay Shetty

How do you think you were able to process positively what you learned from your parents?

I think tehre is always an aspect of us that when we feel unloved, when we feel mistreated, when we feel misrespected.. It’s a natural reaction to want revenge. And that’s what happens to most people, pecifically at our early and most vulnerable stages, when we are children, and we haven’t done anything to deserve that kind of treatment,.. It’s really hard fro the ego to not click into revenge.

Once I discovered that mechanism… Once I saw that most thing that most of us walk aorund with.. It’s a little pea ce of that with all of us,. The problem is that when you seek revenge you destroy yourself.

And that’s the paradoxacl content that we areliving on.

The perplexive situation that we find ourselves in.

The answer is LOVE and KINDNESS.

Jay Shetty with Will Smith, ON PURPOSE

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