Coffee culture – Chef Daniel Holzman & Joe Rogan

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THE JRE Podcast

Coffee Culture

Joe Rogan Podcast – Chef Daniel Holzman talks about coffee culture and making coffee right.

If you are really into coffee you get into the flavors and you get into drinking it black.

Chef Daniel Holzman talks with Joe Rogan about coffee culture.

The influence of Starbucks

I read Howard Schultz biography and it turned me into a big Starbucks fan. Howard Schultz brought coffee culture to America. Coffee didn’t exist here, the espresso bars were not as common.

He found this guy who was doing t his thing and partnered with him.

I generally like a dark roast black coffee. It’s a thing you get accustomed to the flavor and taste.

It is called the clover, it is a vacuum process..

Part of the coffee culture at a coffee bar is this theater..

Do I gotta steep the beans and wait ten minutes and then start again?

Is that brooming process really matter? How long until I grind the beans?

Look – If you got a morning tradition that includes putting on your monacle and grinding yoru beans..

But for me, we were like: Actually, fresh-grinding your beans make a huge difference, and blooming the coffee matters. Getting it wet first and then putting more water afterwards.

Espresso is really fast and you grind it really really find, whereas French Press get a steep for quite a while so you grind it quite a bit coarser.

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