Andy Norman on the Mental Immune System

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Andy Norman on the Mental Immune System

Andy Norman with Joe Rogan

I’m a philosopher by training, and philosophers have always been eager to test ideas and weed out the bad ones. That’s what philosophers do.

The philosophilcal method of belive testing called sotosocratic method, basically tests ideas with questions and tosses out those against scruitiny

The people who get this concept are going to be the thoughts leaders of the new decades.

We know our bodies have immune systems, and their job is to hunt down prasites and pathogens and elilmiate them. Some of those antibodies actually consume pathonegs in our body. Now the new information coming together is that our minds have immune systems just like our bodies do. Only our mental immune body system’s job is to remove bad parasites or bad mental ideas – I¡’ve never seen you speechless before – No, I¡m not speechless, I wasn’t sure if you were done with your sentence.

What kind of mental immunse system are you talkling about?

Are you talking about meditation..

Let me start simple with a thought experiment, kind of a story.

Imagine we are sitting down a bonfire tossing a few beers.

Hand me one of those hot coals and hand it to me. What went on in your head to say that? You ran a little simulation in your mind and you concluded that would be harmful. That was your mind’s immune system at work.

Here is another clip from the podcast: The negative effects of wishful thinking.

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