Accessing the Akashic Records

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Akashic Records

Learn How to access the akashic records, what are they and what does it take?

Watch and listen to this video, enjoy and share the wisdom of Sadhguru.

Accessing Akashic Records

What is Akash?

Akash is a boundless dimension. When the composition of Akash is enhanced, then boundlessness becomes the nature of once being. If not boundlessness at least a boundary that you cannot see and feel. If one wants to extend its antena to larger dimensions of lifeā€¦ If one wants to explore the mystical nature of our existence then enhancing the AKASH is a very vital and necessary aspect.

The five elements that we recognize as the basic ingredients of life, this element of magic.

With 5 things, too much has been done. With 5 things what is presenting itself as cosmos, what is presenting itself as life, what is presenting itself as everything that we can hear and taste and touch.

Akashic Magic

It is well beyond the permutations and combinations that we can think of. If something goes beyond the permutations and combinations the it’s no more mathematic it is magic. So this elemental magic, to master this elemental magic is the most fundamental dimension of yoga. Essentially, when people want to be physically robust then Earth would be important, but for one who is in the spiritual path, one who wants to perceive, the most important thing is Akash.

Why Akash becomes most important is in the making of this human form. 72% of water 12% of Earth 6% of Air 4% of fire is largely determined the rest is akash.

Sadhguru is one of the wisest gurus you will find on Youtube to learn from.

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