Anxiety symptoms: Hyperventilation & shallow breathing

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Understanding Anxiety

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The topic of anxiety has been on the rise, as more and more people around the world are victims of this mental and physiological illness.

What is the connection between shortness of breath, hyperventilation and anxiety?

The Anxiety Guy discussing hyperventilation, over-breathing. Can these breathing patterns in fact cause your neurological cardiovascular, these different symptoms that you feel on your daily basis? The answer is yes. The thickness, the head-heaviness, the chest pains, the dizziness. It can all be caused by your shallow breathing. Why can it be caused by your shallow breathing? Because we are releasing more CO2, more carbon dioxide than our body can produce when we are shallow breathing. The other thing that starts to happen is that certain blood vessels get constricted, so less oxygen tends to get to the brain and different extremities in the body. I want to make sure you are given the tools on this video, to take care of your shallow-breathing pattern that’s causing your symptoms. But I also want us to understand, How can we judge if a person is hyperventilating without even knowing? Shallow breathing without even knowing it.

  1. They are breathing more than 14 breaths per minute

If it’s around 14 or more I can tell their breathing has something to dow with a stress response

Does physical activity help? Absolutely. Physical activity plays a big part in the shallow breathing.

2. They are breathing with their chest.
If the chest is moving, it could be shallow-breathing, it could be hyperventilation.

3. Gasping, feeling they are not getting enough air.

What can we do?

  1. Begin breathing through your nose.
    Get conscious about whether you are breathing through your mouth or through your nose.
  2. Don’t get concerned over the techniques. You don’t need to, start with the basics.
  3. Low and slow – Breathe through your stomach area.

What else can cause hyperventilation?

Some other things that can influence and trigger hyperventilation are things like humidity, heat, tight clothes, perfumes and colognes.

Take these techniques and information and start becoming more conscious about your breathing today.

you will find that you will get more clarity, your rational mind shows up. The slower you get through your breathing the more conscious you are about it.

Hyperventilation anxiety symptoms, shortness of breath and shallow breathing

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