Lex Friedman talks to Tim Dillon

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The Tim Dillon Show

Episode #282

Successful Humans

Tim Dillon has a conversation with Lex Friedman, at his studio, but for The Tim Dillon Show

Lex Friedman is an intelligent podcaster, researcher. I don’t think you can find a podcast with better guests. Top high level guests from any field. Top tier people from robotics, technology, science, physics.. you get everybody. You had Richard Hawkins, Elon Musk.

How do you get all those people in those fields? And they all love coming down to talk to you.

Lex Friedman and Tim Dillon – The Tim Dillon Show Episode 282

I’ve noticed it’s usually someone close to them who mentions or recommends it to them.

Some of it is networking.

Some of the topics covered include:

Soviet Union propaganda.

How does American propaganda functions differently? Or does it.

It is a competition of narratives.

In the United States doesn’t feel like centralized control as it did in the Soviet Union.

Americans are more skeptical, you can sense the freedom of speech.

Robert Malone was banned yesterday from twitter, one of the creators of teh mRna vaccine.

I don’t know why we can’t live in a society where Robert Malone is allowed to have an opinion.

I don’t know why we can’t live in a society where Joe Rogan is allowed to have an opinion.

I’m surprised you are not banned now, says Lex to Tim.

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