The 10X Rule Audiobook by Grant Cardone

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10X Rule Audiobook

Read by Grant Cardone himself

The biggest mistake in my life was failing to set high targets.

It takes the same amaount of energy to have a bad marriage than a successful one.

Your goals will change I promise you.

You will start taking action, followed by more action and you will achieve what you set up to do.

Pain is a resilt of operating with 10X rule.

These concepts are not taight in school, or management classes.

no formula exists to ..

If you don’t estimate the right amount of effort and take that you won’t hit it.

Sufficient levels of motivation are clearly in shortage today.

You will be required to use 10X thinking and 10xactions to get there.

It’s about 10X – In every case when someone is creating massive levels of success. An athelete, a movie producer, I guarantee he or she was operating in 10X

By using the exact level of effort necessary, you are guarantee achievement of these obhectives.

Most people overestimate the amount of action necessary to accmomplish goals.

The 10X Rule will ensure your success regarding of your talent, dedication, financial situation.

Use this book, as if your life depend on it and you will operate in a level you never thought of.

It can work in any area of your life. Spiritual, physical, emotional.

Chances are that if you look over your life you’ll see that you wildly underrestimated the necessary actions to become successful.

I’ve been studying success for the better part of 3 decades. I’ve never been clear in that one thing that really makes teh difference. What is the one quality that will ensure a person creates extraordinary success.

If there was one thing in my life that made a difference, what is it?

What was it that made me successful?

I look back into my life and I see the only consistency.

For every call someone was making I was making ten.

Massive levels of action.

I was a complete unkwnon when I built my first company. I had zero connections, zero money.

However I made a name for myself and literally changed the industry as a result of taking 10X levels of action.

I don’t thinkn that I created extraordinary levels of success.

Although I’m not Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, I created multiple companies from scratch that have allow me to create a lifestyle taht is successfull.

That would be my only regret in my life today, failing to approach my life with the right mindset and 10X levels of thinking .

Extraordinary by definition means anything outside the realm..

Of course that definition depends on what class of success after you comparing it to.

In order to get to the next level, you must need to act in a w

Your thoughts and your actions are the reasons why you are who you are right now.

Whatever your circumstances, you have to take it to another level to get to the next level.

No matter how much you have already achieved .

Things change, nothing remains as it was. A marriage cannnot mantain itself on the same love from the wedding date.

Extremely successful people know that their efforts need to continue

It’s clear you made enough money to live comfortably.

I am most unhappy when I’m not accomplishing. My disappointment …

No one can convince me that is something wrong with my desire to achieve a new level of success.

The reality is that most people do not have… Many people want something more in at least one are of tehir life. The ability to contribute to the good of society.

Each of these goals is vital to your future survival.

Action at 10X the levels you think are necessary.

Financial problems are the result of not taking enough action.

I just want to be happy. Limiting the amount of success you desire is a violation of the 10X rule by itself.

This is the focus of the 10X rule. you must set targets that are 10X times what you think you desire.

And then do 10X what you think it will take to accomplish the target.

10X the thoughts and 10X the actions oncluding what you thought was reasonable.

It is about pure domination mentalit. Take actions they might deem unreasonable.

10X People don’t just approach a target, they dominate that target.

The following is a basic series of mistakes people make.

They set too low objectives.

Severely underestimating what it would take it terms of actions, resources, energy.

Underestimating the amount of adversity they will need to overcome in order to attain the desire goal.

10X Rule Grant Cardone

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