The 10X Mentality with Grant Cardone

June 15, 2021 by No Comments

How to 10X your life

Grant Cardone

Money is useless until it is used. One billion dollars or one billon friends? Which will you take? You don’t need money, you need people. People have the next money you want. We are told this as little kids, don’t show off. If you get too big you are going to get attacked. Nobody is telling us: Get so big that no attack can bother you. You should put money into marketing, you should promote yourself, not putting money into where you and your kids live. Promote, promote, promote.

In 2008 all I had to worry about was money, I had a $60 million dollar lawsuit hit me. I felt like a traitor, like a loser. I’m a spiritual being, having a human experience. I know there’s something I get to come back to. You can’t kill me, I’m inmortal.For you it’s all what gives you the strength and impact and motivation. It’s my spiritual development first, it’s more important than the money, te marriage or the kids. But you couldn’t build this empire without Elena. Without a doubt. People need anchors. Look at me know, I’ve always wanted to help. I want to create heaven on Earth, we are all one planet, we are all one face.

The 10x Rule

LondonReal people watching. Put in the effort to 10x your life and you will start noticing results.

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