Grant Cardone explalins wealth mindset & Why he bought a jet

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Why Grant Cardone bouught a private plane

One of America’s most successful businessmen of our time Grant Cardone explains why he bought a jet, the wealthy mindset behind it.

I’m just telling you, you don’t get that much money by being stupid. Do I put the $50 million in apartments, my favorite investment, or do I buy the jet? My investment to own the jet is because it can connect me with the world. The old me would not have known that. I was not thinking big enough. I thought the right way was to save the money, buy anything on sale and kep and store.. and the reality is that if you study the wealthiest.. Im talking about Goldman Sachs.. That’s money, endless amounts of money. I don’t know what the Queen controls, or the Putin money. All the dark in the shadows money. How does Coco Cola make a decision to buy 4 or 4 jets? To move their executives around.

Grant Cadone Wealth Mindset

I asked my accountant and said: Don’t do it . I asked a couple of rich people, said don’t do it. I asked a nillionaire and saiad. Yess you should definitely do it. Money ius useless until it is used. You don’t need money you need people. People have the next money you want. This was mond boggling, when truth hits I don’t fight it. That was truth for me. I got to start jakmking decisions quicker. If i lived 50 years working struggling, I dont want that I want freedom, and money buys me freedom. You cano’t have to buy a jet nor buy a house either. Again, I’m not trying to impress people by that. That is a symbol. Symbols are very important, they are validation. We are on a planet tahat is full of fakeness. Social media.

How do you keep making this thing bigger and bigger and protecting it.

I need more people, more ideas, more production. I need to not be complascient. I need people to multiply what it’s already created.

The biggest realization after buying a jet .- The numebr one thing everytime is that Im impressed with myself, and thta’s a good deal.

Moist of my life have been lots of losses, the drug addiction. When you have an addiction it is not just a moment, addictions don¡t happen on a weekend addictions come from a long long period of time.

So I’m on a jet and reflect back: You did this?

It’s like… whoa dude, your life is working.

I had nothing. You make your first dollar and then your second dollar.

I remember my first thousand dollar increase, it was the most important moment., the more I’ve ever made.

It’s a real sign of what people can do, so inspirational to me – says the great Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone about wealth mindset and Why he bought a jet

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