Vincent Van Gogh 5 Minute Biography

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Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent William Van Gogh was a 19th Century Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, known for his influences on the history of western art. He was born on the 30th of March 1853 in the southern Netherlands.

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When Vincent was 15 years old, his family was financially unstable and he had to go to work.

It was also quite lucreative work.

In 1873 When in London, he developed a passion for English literature.

He isolated more and dedicated his life to God.

Even though his family was religious, it was only now that he was considering doing church work.

In 1877 his family sent him to live with his uncle.

After this, he volunteered to live in a coal mine where

Because of this he earned the title Christ of the coal mines, unfortunately the church committe were not in agreement with this.

JHowever in 1880 he moved to Burssels to take art lessons. Vincent had many difficult time with relationships. Epecially women.

He lived as a nomad in The Netherlands. In 1885 he started to create his first master piece, known as potato eates.

Overtiem painting beacme an obsession, as his health started deteriorating.

His brotehr was very worried about hima nd hired someone to watch out after him.

One night Van Gogh cut his ear.

After this time he continued to be alone and depressed and turned himself ingto painting.

One day in July 1890, Van Gogh went through his isual morning routine of painting and he carried along a pistol, and shot himself in the chest. Van Gogh died in the arms of his brother.

The majority of what we consider to be teh legacy of Van Gogh, his paintings, were created in the latter part of his life. As Dutch painters go,.

Vincent Van Gogh is considered by many to be second only to Rembnrandt, in total he createrd 2,100 works, 860 of which were oil paintings and over 1,300 were watercoulours, sketches and drawings.Although he lived a sad an unfortunate life he has inspired so many artists.

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